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Trailer Progress!

I don’t think we have ever been as busy as we are right now. We’ve got a giant residential and commercial project on the go, on top of our day jobs AND we launched a hand made wood sign shop this year that is keeping us on our toes too. All good things of course, but man are we pooped! My personal biggest project is renovating our 1999 ABI Award trailer and I’m fuelled to get this project completed so we have an excuse to finally relax in it!

It has been a giant project despite its small size because of how well made it is. It has been completely tedious deconstructing this little cutie. However, I am making progress now and am really seeing this  caravan come together. As always, I will share my tips and tricks on how to transform a trailer here, along with a budget breakdown and all other helpful advice, but in the mean time if you love seeing behind the scenes, come hang out with me on my social channels. Especially over on Instagram where I share lots of easy trailer tutorials in my stories! CHECK IT ALL OUT HERE.

I’ve had my jumping off point for a while now in the form of a colour palette and hardware. I love the clean classic look this little home on wheels will have by incorporating this crisp navy (Thunderstorm by Beuti-tone), white (Winter White by Beauti-tone) and gold colour palette.

Currently, I’ve got everything cleaned and painted now, filled and sanded and pretty much all the hard scapes put back together. Cupboards are refurbished (what a massive job!), wallpaper is hung and window treatments are mostly installed. I’ve most recently worked on laying down a sub floor in places where there had once been carpet and now I am installing vinyl wood flooring over top of everything.

I can honestly say this has been such an empowering project for me. I’ve done every last piece of this renovation all by myself (and with the help of my daughter as my little design assistant) and I couldn’t be more pleased with the amount of progress we’ve made in the evenings.

This little caravan is still nameless but I think thats because I cant commit to officially naming her until we decide on what colour to paint the exterior. Perhaps thats the colourist and hair stylist in me, but I really do think that the exterior colour will dictate how we should refer to this home on wheels. LOL! So, my question for you all is, what colour should we paint this cutie?

I’m leaning towards a pretty aqua or turquoise or a blue of some variety, but the awning stretches out in to a really cool burgundy and pink ombre effect that I feel is both a little retro and kinda current too. Should I stay safe and paint her white? Or maybe a lovely grey tone?

I’d love to know your thoughts if you care to share them with me. What colour should she be?

Also, in the mean time, check out this 1990 Award trailer factory video below that is both parts cringy and classic. It shows the unique construction of this type of travel trailer and the amazing building system that enables it to be extremely light weight. The company that made them was located close by to us in Dunneville Ontario and sadly closed in the mid 2000’s. This video made me fall in love with locally made and produced Award trailers and still makes me proud to have gotten my hands on a local piece of history.

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