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Project: Salon Renovation {{And a storage solution}}

I have so many salon updates to share with you.
The whole place has been a labor of love and we are ecstatic to almost have our open house and to almost be completely DONE with this long project.
The space was very makeshift for a while…
Luckily my mother and father still came by for some hair treatments and didn’t seem to mind the mess.
One thing I knew early on during this renovation progress was the fact that I needed lots of storage for the salons products and supplies.
So today, let me introduce you to my lovely storage solution.
Excuse the blurry picture but this is from a local online selling site. 
My husband spotted this white hutch and knew it fit the requirements and matched up to the salon dream board I had created.
 It would make the perfect addition and one that would help with my storage problem.
I loved the fact that the hutch  had large molding on the top of it and it had solid shelves within its glass doors. 
Some of the ones I had seen only had glass shelves and I knew with my clumsy capabilities that was not a good idea.
I searched high and low for long glass knobs like I had envisioned for the piece; but unfortunately we couldn’t find anything that was less then $12 a piece. I needed nine and didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg, as you can imagine.

Remember, I am cheap resourceful.

So I finally spotted some shiny silvery ones with white middles. They were more like $4 a piece.

Against the white doors they have a similar look as I had pictured glass pulls would.

 Only one more problem, the hardware that attached the doors to the piece needed dealt with too.
I went back and forth to all of our local hardware stores and couldn’t find the perfect matching silver hinges. I bought some and brought them home just to return them since each set seemed to have more of a brushed finish.
So, I did what any exhausted mama would do, I took the hinges off  and waited a few months while I ignored the project brainstormed.
This little cutie helped!
I cant believe how small my little man is here!
He is about seven months in this picture and this past month he turned one! I love that bare bald head and those squeezable cheeks! Shows how long I dragged my feet on this one..
(I also dragged my feet on admitting that my baby was turning a year old. I almost in fact, missed planning a party for him. You can read about his first birthday party HERE  if you missed it.)
The hinges waited patiently.
Then on my travels one day I found this little kit from a local discount store. I couldn’t beat trying it out for $2.
 I sprayed one coat…
 and then another…
 I was hoping the hinges would end up looking like the top of the spray can.
After a third coat they dried matte and not shiny like I had anticipated. 
And so, I have done what I do best. 
I  have moved on to the long list of other projects.

This salon project has taken a year to complete. 
And there have been many not so glamorous “during” photos taken.
Since I dont have an “After” picture to show you today I thought I would leave you with a few of the cringe worthy “during” pics that make my ocd-cleaning-self inwardly cry.

Construction and renovation is rarely neat and tidy and without setbacks. 
Those pictures reminded me on how far we have come, even if it HAS taken a long time.

I also am reminded that I need to go thank my Hubby. 

He is my-mr-fix-it-in-shining-armor.
No doubt about it.

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  • 20 North Ora
    June 28, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    Bethany – How exciting. Love your ceiling and your chandelier.

    Am visiting from Cozy Little House.


  • bethanygier
    July 5, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Thank you Judy!

    Im glad you like the ceiling! It was a quick fix for a project that had so many flaws. (It ended up being one of my favorite parts about the room too) 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!