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Simple Sunday – Delighting in joy

I once wanted to run away and be on Broadway. 
I told my mother this every time I got mad at her.
 Yet somehow she managed not to strangle me.
For my thirtieth birthday this year she took me to a Shakespearean play this week and we had a beautiful day together surrounded by the type of people I had imagined would be my colleagues, my friends and my family.
Being submerged in that day was perfection.
Every word Shakespeare had written came to life through the people we watched on stage.
It made me recount all of the Shakespearean lines I had come to know, and made me wonder which one was my favourite.
Tonight as my little tired family piled into our vehicle after an exhausting evening of shopping we witnessed the most beautiful view.
I saw the way the clouds danced from the picture above and saw how the sun blushed in their presence.
Immediately I knew which Shakespearean quote was my favorite.
“Joy delights in joy”
I thought of it again as the kids fought over space in the car and whose water bottle belonged to who and while I felt my patience quickly wearing  thin.
Joy is contagious. 
Joy is hard to muster up.
Joy is hard to lose.
Joy is sought after.
Joy is a choice.
Joy is happiness.
Happiness delights in joy and joy delights in happiness. 
If I choose to be joyful, even in the small circumstances and even when I don’t want to be, (read exhausted mama responding to cranky, whiny, exhausted children) then I will have a much easier time celebrating in the joy that is around me.
Sometimes nothing seems to be going right. 
(I know you can relate…)
Sometimes I don’t have the strength to rejoice with others and to find joy. 
But the times I DO…
The times I find joy in the mundane and the simple, those times last forever in my memory and in my heart.
Joy delights in joy.
A happy heart is happy for others.
I want to be joyful and happy.
I want others to see me as I saw this sunset and to suddenly see the good that is around them.
Joy does delight in joy.
Happy Sunday sweet friends…

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