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A Confession and the Best Strawberry Pie Recipe.

I have a confession to make.
I am in love with Monday nights.
I set my PVR and I tape “The Bachelorette” and then I slump down into the couch and indulge on drama and a life I will never lead.
PS: Doesn’t ABC know that 95% of the people who watch “The Bachelorette” are middle aged mamas and their show airs while said mamas are busy putting crying-whining-arguing-children to bed??? 
PPS: Thank goodness for my blessed PVR.
Well, recently on a Monday evening, the skies parted, God smiled down at me and graciously gave me the best recipe ever — to accompany my not-so-godly television show.
(Didn’t your mother tell you that kissing before you were married would make your Godly mother cry and ultimately your lips would end up falling off? )
Someone didn’t tell the Bachelorette this season.
If you aren’t accustomed to this television show where a woman dates a dozen men until she finds the “right one”, you wont know that they wine and dine each other through every episode and every one watching suddenly has the urge to cheat on their diets and to pin roses on lapels.
Since lapels aren’t in my day to day life, I decided the next best thing would be to make something so perfect and so delicious that it would be worth throwing my usually clean eating to the wind.
Summer is full of berries, and so was my fridge –so I decided to make my own version of a chocolate covered strawberry.
Except this time, I made my heavenly sweet chocolate covered strawberry IN a PIE.
Perfection, I tell you.
This one is quick enough to mix up during a commercial break. 
You will need a ready made pie crust and a quart or so of strawberries.
First clean and cut strawberries.
Mix them with half a cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons of flour.

(told you this would be an easy one)
Combine your strawberries and flour and fill your pie crust with the summer berry deliciousness.
This recipe is so easy, you are almost done. 
Lastly, add some dark chocolate on top for good measure and bake at 350F for 25 minutes or until fully cooked and the berries are solidified.
Let cool and then sit back in front of your favorite show and indulge in a piece of the best pie recipe that ever did inspire me.
I wasn’t planning on sharing this easy recipe but the minute I added a picture of it to Instagram the questions came flooding in on how I made it and was it really as good as it looked.
The answer is a resounding yes.
(If you aren’t following along on Instagram feel free to stop by and say hello. I love “meeting” people on there and sharing projects that I forget to blog about.)
This recipe is so good that you will have to host the next girls night at your place to share with your best friends, because frankly if you don’t share it you will eat the whole pie to yourself.

Thank you in advance for not judging my choice of reality television shows and for continuing reading regardless.
Smooches to you all!
(and roses on your lapels.)

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