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How to give your dining room chairs a new look with paint!

A few months ago I convinced my husband that the table we bought when we got married was not conducive to our families love of crafting and after school homework help.

You see, we are all shorties over here.

I swear with each baby I birth out of my body they take a piece of my sanity and an inch of my height.

Not good when I started out at 5 foot 2 and have three babies!
Lets just say our family is complete or I will have to hem all my pants again.

So back to the story of our table…
…it was lovely and beautiful and most people would be happy with it,  but it wasn’t the right height for little people to easily climb up on and to be perfectly honest, it was a great opportunity to bring in some of the style I have always loved.

You can see our old table set.HERE

It was time to sell our pub height table and to find something that could work around a leather bench we had originally purchased for our home salon. The leather bench didn’t end up working for the salon space, but we got it for such a great price that I really wanted to keep it and use it somewhere else in our home.

So I searched and searched our local listings and found this Montreal made beauty.

I immediately fell in love with the long farmhouse style table and the chairs with the high backs that were full wood and had a slight country vibe to them.

My modern loving hubby was harder to convince.

We viewed the table and six chairs and they looked a little different in person then they did in their online listing.

It turned out that the table legs and the chairs actually had a blue stain and were not black like we had anticipated.

 In certain lighting the chairs ended up looking bright blue, and in our home they were only slightly blue with a tinge of black.

It didn’t matter their color though, I talked about loving this style of chair HERE and couldn’t pass up an 8 foot table and six chairs for $300 dollars.

My hubby insisted we sell our set first to make sure we had the funds to buy the new set that I coveted. I knew I could work my magic on the ticking fabric and the blue stain.

Our table was listed for a day and was sold. With money in my pocket I convinced my man that we needed the Montreal made country-vibing table and chairs.

We needed the length to be long enough to fit around our leather bench, but we also knew the space could not hold an eight foot table.

Together we decided we could cut it down to be a custom size for our space.

 Luckily we agreed and we brought the whole set home.

Our kids worked in the chairs while I stained the table top on our deck, which I talked about HERE.

 My kids can shock me and can be easily entertained during snack time so I can work my hand at finishing a project near by.

Once I swept the deck off from all of the excess wood dust from our tables remodel, I clipped some plastic sheeting around the railing of our deck. (I just used clamps that we would normally use for projects around the house, if you were doing this you could even just tie it around. Easy peasy.)

 I puled out my paint sprayer that I got two years ago at Christmas and was so excited to finally use it.

 Unfortunately the black paint I had used on our tables legs was too thick to get sprayed on to our chairs.


I knew that with all those spindles I would never be able to paint them without fighting drips and paints strokes.


Here is where you need to make friends with your local hardware associate.

I visited our local hardware store 4 times in one day. FOUR times I packed up three kids and rushed down the street to unpack and drag them inside the store again.

Annoying? yes.

Worth it? YES.

I simply ended up using black matte spray paint for my chairs.

That is IT.

No sanding, no priming.. I simply swashed down my chairs, allowed them to dry and then sprayed those babies down with light coats.


So easy, unless you take into consideration that I had to run to the hardware store a handful of times in one day.

But really, if YOU have chairs that aren’t working for you and you too are dreading stripping and staining all the legs and the spindles then THIS is what you can do to make your chairs work FOR you.

I love the way the spray paint dried on the chairs and since I am a bad blogger and this project has been done for a month I can honestly say that our chairs get used A LOT with three grubby handed (and cute) kids and they don’t have one little scratch on them!
I cant wait to show you how the chairs have changed even more.
Bye Bye old fabric! 
Get ready for a graphic new beauty!
Hope you have a happy Monday Friends.
(If the DIY suspense is killing you, you can hop on over to my Instagram account and see a sneak peek of their reveal!)

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  • Tanya Runkle
    July 8, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    Bethany your dining room is going to look amazing! And the kiddos are super cute too 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  • Kati Davis
    July 10, 2013 at 2:19 am

    the fact that you can do this with kids in the house is nothing short of amazing!

  • Kelly Rinzema
    July 11, 2013 at 1:47 am

    Can't wait to see them finished! PS totally jealous you have a paint sprayer I have no idea what I would use one for but they just seem fun ha 🙂