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Give me allllll the Gold. {A dresser’s story from rags to riches}

I have been crushing on gold for a while now. Slowly, I have been adding hits of it here and there in our home. Hesitantly at first and then running with open arms towards all the gold everywhere.
Most recently, our living room gallery wall got a sprinkling of gold.


(See the whole post HERE)

And my home salon got a good dose of gold as well.

 (See the whole post HERE)

And then, like any creative DIY obsessed person, I finally determined what piece of unsuspecting furniture would come into contact with some precious gold next.
Months ago, I shared this little gem that I had found waiting for me on the side of the road. It had a sister that got a coat of white and lives beside my daughters bed now. (I totally need to show you pictures, if only my messy four year old girl would clean up the Barbie heels which I am sooooo terrified to step on.)

At first we considered using this piece as a vanity in our bathroom reno #longestrenoever but that idea didn’t seem to work as well as we had imagined.

We found a better piece for the bathroom and so, like any piece of furniture that has not discovered its destiny, this baby sat in the middle of our family room for three long months.

One day last week, I got inspired, and annoyed that the baby kept hiding my phone in its drawers, and lugged the big, heavy, cast-off dresser outdoors and got to work making it pretty.

When we chatted last, I shared this image with you here and on my Instagram account, (I’m mildly obsessed with IG! Come say HI!) and since sharing this pic, this little project has been one of my favorite turn outs!

You see, I have been wanting a metallic dresser for a while.




These pics make me swoooooooon and now I am all giddy over the gold dresser makeover of my own!

I cant wait to share the outcome with you.

Are you loving all the gold everywhere? Would you own a gold dresser? Also, does your child leave small terrifying pieces of plastic on the floors making you jump and scream when you walk through their room?

I’m off to try to pick them up now, perhaps I can get snap a picture of Goldies sister with the pale complexion and apple green knobs…but guys, my lil sensitive feet are truly spooked.


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