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An inside look into the life of a DIY family.

I am always being asked how we are able to accomplish projects around here with three small children while my husband works 50 hours a week and I work part time as a work at home Mama.
The answer is simple.
These kids are amazing.
Really and truly.
My daughter doesn’t remember a time in her life where there wasn’t a pile of tools in some corner of every room of our house.
 To her it is natural to draw rainbows and smiley faces in the dry wall dust that lands on everything. 
We love to have our three kids around and they love to be around the action!
They have helped with our earliest projects.
(A blurry but hillarious photo of our kids picking out the carpet for our money pit house)
They have gotten excited about the fun that comes with renovating and DIY-ing.
They have been excited and expectant for some of our hardest projects.
They have happily encouraged us through the building process.
And they have even joined in to assist us along the way.
They have spent their Friday nights, early Saturday mornings and weeknights being bored out of their mind as we scan the hardware store isles.
They have happily stood in as a much needed measuring tool, against potential purchases.
They have gotten into mischief in the blink of an eye, while we are just trying to “wrap up a project.”
They have definitely learned patience along the way as the projects they were hopeful for still sit unfinished take time to complete.
They have played “photographer” along the way.
They have sat patiently.
They have ridden first class around stores.
They have learned to measure and help with building projects…
And they have learned to “happily” help with crafting projects.
They have organized…
 …and reorganized some more…
They have helped with the design process… 
Right down to drawing out just how things should be…
They have helped with colour selection…
They have endured ouchies along the way…

(Excuse the middle finger friends.)

And they have discovered new things along the way too.
We are so lucky that our little ones love to help and be in the midst of anything we are creating.
We love being parents, and love that our babes have been along for every step of This Little Estates changes! 
We wouldn’t want it any other way!!!
The tale of this table has been no exception.
Our three sweet babies have recently been through the horrible process of picking out fabric to cover these babies. 
Now, when they see the fabric store they beg and plead to go home!
They helped pick out the new colour for the chairs to replace the dark blue they were when we stuffed all six chairs along with all three kids in our van.
Every DIY family needs stow and go seats by the way…
They have watched from the window while I sanded this table one Sunday afternoon…

And they have endured eating on the dining room floor while we have been without a table and chairs.
They stared at this empty sight for two weeks and didnt blink an eye since changes are always happenng in their lives and around here!
They are resilient, resourceful, wonderful little people.
These patient little babies that love to help along the way are what makes our lives and the things we do, possible. 
I am so thankful for the sacrifices they make so that my husband and I can slowly create a home for them.
I cant wait to show you the new table, the new chairs, the finished plate wall, the almost finished salon and play house and everything in between.
(Click on any of the links below to get taken right to the project and post!)

Now if only I could get these kids to let me type out a blog post in peace. 😉
There is always something happening here, and thankfully we have little helpers to live and love life with along the way.
Together we are a without a doubt a DIY family.

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