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Canadian Bloggers Spring Home Tour

As soon as the snow starts to drip-drop under the heat of
the late winter sunshine, I start to dream of things sprouting, growing and
getting greener. After all, Spring is the most happily anticipated season here in the
great white North.Today, I am excited to be joining in with the Canadian Bloggers Spring Home Tour, with a group of lovelies who have survived another winter!!!

Hip Hip Horray!!! We made it!!!



Spring in Canada means longer days, eager Canadians sporting shorts and sandals when snow drifts are still melting and dreams of greener days to come.



When I was a little girl I would sit on my parent’s front porch counting down the days until their forsythia bush bloomed little yellow fluffy flowers in those early cold Spring days.

Day after day, the buds would sprout.

Little by little, until they opened, to reveal the prettiest tiny mustard colored buds my little girl eyes had ever seen!

On the day it bloomed I knew warmer days were here to stay.



That’s precisely why in our home, when you spy little vases of flowers popping up here or there, you know I’m ready to sit on a porch somewhere and eagerly watch the buds sprout again.

Flowers make everything better don’t they?? A homes jewelry if you will??? (Also, scroll up…..that cat on the right of your screen also wants to be this homes jewelry. ) 😉



Last spring we planted our own forsythia shrubs around our front patio. Now, this Spring, we will anxiously and excitedly tap our fingers and toes, until those bushes sprout up and turn yellow and brightly reveal themselves through our living room window.


But until then, we will add little bits of green and pops of color inside our home.
No waiting or toe tapping required.
Last week on my Instagram I shared the origin of this painting.


I love the care behind it, but I also just simply love the shades of blue in it, the majestic waters and the boat flying high on the tip tops of the surf within it and the wind there, just helping it along.



Just like my toe tapping and porch waiting helping Spring along.

There’s something highly anticipated about Spring, isn’t there??

Dare I say the mere mention of the season brings wind to my own sails??


Promises of warmer days makes me want to get out into the fresh air. Is there anything better than the Spring air whipping through your hair and the forgotten sun warming your face?

Oh yes. Perhaps the way that the arrival of Spring also makes you want to slowwwwww down and soak up nature coming alive.



It is the time to sit on porches after all.
The time to watch the grass turn from dark to vibrant green.
The time to turn your face toward the sun and your nose to a book.



At least, that’s what we have been doing over here lately. 😉

Book reading in the spring breeze and sunshine requires blankets, so recently I pulled out all of my favorite blue toned ones. To match the seaside painting I adore and because more is better when the the sun is bright but the wind is still cool, right?



Which is why you can expect a tutorial soon for this easy DIY blanket ladder! Made from scrap wood and painted a pretty off white from my last little bit of hoarded chalk paint.




Speaking of new elements added into our living room, I recently found this new to us, but very old, storage box that now doubles as a hard working toy box in our living room.



It absolutely fits perfectly into our space and for $25 at our local Restore it HAD to come be a part of our family.


Our family room is open to our living room on our main floor which makes hiding toy trains and tracks a no brainer but figuring out seasonal décor a little difficult.

It means shopping our home for items that can coincide together, but also it means making those pieces work for us.



In my opinion, that means stocking my curial cabinet with affordable glassware, vases and candles sticks rescued from antique shops. I never know when I will need easy to handle vintage carafes for a family friendly spring brunch, or candelabras covered with birdcage wire to keep little inquisitive hands safe.



I’ve always believed in shopping my home for seasonal décor and these pretty wicker chargers convince me again. They were originally a natural tone but I spray painted them with a spritz of white to make them work in this simple but textured table setting.





Repurposed vintage jars on this table scape act as low key vases. Keeping an armful of these in my curial cabinet arsenal allows me to spread out a floral bouquet all over our house; every corner now gets to experience a little bit of the spring feels!



As soon as Spring shows it’s bright and glorious self, I’m also somehow coaxed to create yummy fresh recipes. Is it the impending knowledge that bathing suit season is not far off anymore?? Or the urge to kick warm satisfying casseroles for well balanced meals?? It really doesn’t matter, in the end. As long as the new edible creations are as delicious as they are bright and colorful we are all winning!


In the last few weeks of longer day light time, I have found myself fussing in our kitchen longer than usual. Which means, we have got a lot of yummy new plant based, spring inspired recipes coming to a blog, kitchen and table near you!



Check back soon, I can’t wait to share my newest favorite allergy free (BUT DELICIOUS) dip with you.



Thank you for stopping by today friends! I hope you enjoyed our Spring home tour! I will have you guys back again when the forsythia bush shines bright mustard. Or, at least, I will snap some pictures and introduce you to each other when the time comes.  I’m sure you will both be approving. 😉
Now, if you love Spring décor as much as I do you will want to check out some of my favorite Canadian websites and bloggers! See below to view the entire Canadian lineup! Say hello if you can! Canadians after all have been waiting a good long stretch to dust off the snow, welcome the sunshine, along with long awaited guests!






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