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Life Progress {on the sunny side of the street ;)}

One again, we are covered in dry wall dust and drowning in power tools over here. 
But for once, I don’t blame our indecisiveness and stalling, no, instead I blame this beautiful spring weather we have been having and the beams of sunlight that stream into our home — beckoning us outside.
Seeeeeeeeeee?????? Sunlight at its finest.
It has been a long winter up here in Canada and the drip drop dropping of the melted snow along with the warm streaks of sunlight streaming indoors, are keeping us distracted from finishing projects.
Running down the street, walking on soggy forest trails and meandering through our cities parks are way more interesting then finishing our closet reno. With day light savings setting back our beloved sun sets to 7pm and later, we have been losing a few hours of prime time working time because, you cant blame us, we want to be out enjoying this long awaited awesome Spring-like weather and not wasting it cooped up in doors.
So, just know that we are trucking along still. PROMISE.
Staying out later, enjoying this weather and taking full advantage of plus degree weather has meant that I have been staying up till well past midnight on certain days, building our little-house-that-could. 
 Caulking, painting and more painting are filling up my nights. 
So, while we are still building our master closet, I wanted to share with you an area of our home that has been through a few different stages.

I will be sharing some pretty pics with you soon, and look forward to all that pretty! 
I mean, since the inside of our closet is a freaking disaster at this point. 
Cant wait to show you our sun filled spring entry, what we have been up to in the closet and the joy and messes along the way.
How about you? Have you had unexpected sunny days begging you to come enjoy them outdoors? OR, are you one of the blessed ones that live in the sun all year round?? Do tell, what makes you know that Spring is near?

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