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A Spring Entry Way {…and a bucket list}

It is finally here.
I feel like Olaf from “Frozen” and want to start busting out a song about….
Bees a-buzzin’, kissable dandelion fuzz
And I’ll be doin’ whatever snow does in springggggg
A drink in my hand, my snow up against the burning sand
Probably getting gorgeously tanned in springggggggg

I’ll finally see a summer breeze, blow away a winter storm
And find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm!
And I can’t wait to see, what my buddies all think of me
Just imagine how much cooler I’ll be in
Okay Okay, I will stop.
Clearly I have a young daughter at home and I have just given away what our favorite movie is.
But, truly, I could not be happier about the arrival of longer days and sunlight on top of that!
Yesterday was the first day of Spring and it was a gorgeous one. The sun was shining, it was a Friday, and I was cruising in my Mom-mobile with the sun roof open feeling all cool and happy and stuff.
Since we are fully embracing the changing of the season around here by burning all the winter hats and singleton mitts, I felt like it was only appropriate to give our little entry way a little spring time flare.
First up I filled my over sized glass seeded jars with moss balls, (not to be mistaken with moth balls) and I love how they effortlessly bring the color green indoors before we actually grow any green outdoors.
hung these pretty,wooden floral wreaths a few weeks ago and I am so
happy that I waited for them to go half price so I would have an excuse
to snap up two.
used some wide burlap ribbon in a tan and white chevron pattern to add
some fun to the space and hung them in front of the two mirrors we have
in our entry way.
are a beautiful pop of texture and I love how neutral they are as well.
Also, thank you to my family for the Target gift cards for Christmas.
Clearly they came in handy.
They now mirror each other which I think is punny. 
(That joke is for you Dad!)
I killed this violet in 2.5 seconds, but it impressed me since it lasted through this quick photo shoot.
Im still loving these prints that I got at Michaels last year, so they have stayed in place at the front door as a great encouraging reminder to us as we come and go.
I got this gorgeous blue jar after Christmas on clearance at Target. Right before they announced in Canada that they will be closing. I’m so glad I snapped this beaut up for $6. It is heavy and gorgeous and is acting like a night light at this point since it holds lots of sparkly lights on a string.
A perfect solution for some ambiance during these spring months, since it still gets dark at 7:30 PM. 
Which is obviously much better then 5PM a few short weeks ago.

Since spring is here to stay, we have already started compiling our spring bucket list.
If you are in need of some to add to yours, here you are:
  1. Jump in puddles WITH boots on this time
  2. Outline our bodies with chalk on the driveway inform the neighbours that their is no crime scene
  3. Go on a nature treasure hunt
  4. Play “Chubby bunny” at Easter (Just an excuse to eat all the marshmallows and act like a glutton — But who is judging.)
  5. Find the perfect blade of grass and make it whistle
  6. Plant flowers in pots and paint them. That did NOT read plant pot. FYI for all you “skimming readers”
  7. Name the ducks at the near by pond
  8. Make homemade bubbles for hours of fun. Or for five minutes of fun; before the baby confuses it for a beverage or before the kids fight over it so hard that it falls from their grubby (Soon to be inadvertently clean) paws.
  9. Clean up garbage from our favorite park
  10. Knit dandelion stems into flower crowns
is all we have for now, but it is still a pretty solid list for us.
Soon we will be scrapping it anyways and making our yearly epic SUMMER
bucket list. 
The season that us and our good friend Olaf the snowman, LIVE FOR. 
How about you? Have any amazing things we should be adding to our spring bucket list???
Hoping it is sunny and gorgeous where you are too today! Happy Saturday lovelies!

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  • Rustic Maple Elizabeth
    March 21, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Your entry looks great! I love both the dressers and how you have styled them. I have that same wood flower wreath and love it.