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FILMING A WEBSERIES WITH LEONS (Episode Five is all about us here at This Little Estate)

Earlier this summer we swept up the dust bunnies, ordered a cake and had a birthday party of sorts. Our son was turning five after all and we were also welcoming in a team of creatives to give you a peek at our lives – behind the scenes.

The balloons were blown and eventually the candles were too, but in between it all we lived another day and somehow were lucky enough to have it all captured by the creative team that is Wild And Lights Studio. We had just finished wrapping the shooting for Hello Sunshine but in conjunction with Leon’s Furniture, we wanted to show you a glimpse of the behind the scenes of our home.
Ultimately, my husband and I want to let our readers know that styled rooms are fun to store on Pinterest boards but real life is where the when the real beautiful moments happen.
Around here, it is found in the multiple tuck-ins and bed time kisses, the trio of morning disheveled bed heads, the early day time rush where fast kisses are given, the lunch time messes and subsequent tiny adorable hand prints throughout, the evening catch ups when hot caffeine is poured and consumed so we can make it through to the bedtime struggle — in order to do it all again. Within those times real memories are made and our hectic reality is appreciated.
We wanted to capture that and to share it with you, so you know that despite some cool oportunities and some DIY projects, we are just like your family, taking moments day by day, finding the joy within them, reveling in the moments of chaos and hanging on for the moments of togetherness.
Without further ado, here is a little look into our little estate, into stories we have never shared and the people and moments we hold dear.
The back story to our youngest’s health journey and our subsequent move to our current This Little Estate can be found HERE 

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