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A Throw Back Thursday Photo Shoot {…they really do grow up too fast.}

My baby turned two this past month. 
It was as if overnight he went from being small and attached to me, innocent and subdued, to turning into a little MAN.
After we sang him happy birthday, even before the candle smoke could fade away, he immediately learned to scale the daunting sides of his crib, to paint his nails perfectly, to say “No!” with the gumption of a five year old and to run away from me instead of to me. 
It has been a rough time for the both of us. 😉
In memory of those times when he lived in my arms and our hearts beat side by side, I wanted to share some pictures we had taken by “Hulahoop Photography.”
Nicola Toon is an award winning local photographer based out of Cambridge, Ontario. I am forever thankful for these moments in time that she captured. I also will never forget that it was because of my sweet boy, and his darling smile, that I got to pretend to be a model for a day. A big thanks goes to Tanja from Sew Funky Slings for my favorite baby product that has created my most cherished memories, and for choosing us for this special shoot.
His little eyes and my happiness say it all.
Today, I am trying to relish in the long days of summer-like-weather and to play with my babies until the sun goes down. The house projects and building projects can wait sometimes. 
Sometimes, it is all about building memories anyways; those are the things that last a life time and will never need updating.

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