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A New Vanity Light. {little progress is still progress}

Little progress is still progress.
I tell myself that every single day when i tackle a sink full of dishes for the third time, when I carry arm loads of laundry to the basement for the fourth time and when I’m running that last kilometer on a 5k run.
Or when we drive a half hour to Lowe’s with three complaining babies and come home with some new sconces for the bathroom.
Small changes are still changes.
The lights above our vanity, the ones we inherited with our home, weren’t bad at all, they just had aged a bit and were looking a little discolored.  
They also were half full of dead flies and tiny cobwebs, but I probably shouldn’t admit that here, since it looks bad on our cleaning lady. And, I mean, we don’t actually have a cleaning lady, so disposing of the bug grave yard is probably my responsibility that I have overlooked for three years.
 When my husband was looking at the manly tool section in Lowe’s, I was with the three screaming children sipping on cold coffee perusing down the lighting isle. 
I saw a few new light fixtures that I liked and that I knew would work in our bathroom, but at $89.00 I figured our money could be spent better in other places. Like, actually finishing the master bathroom instead of beautifying it.
So, I came across the section where they have different shaped glass sconces to replace the ones you have. They had square ones and floral shaped ones and even wicker ones. I eventually shushed the children and decided on these plain and simple ones. I love them or a few reasons, 1: because they were opaque so you wouldn’t see our twisty-shaped energy savings light bulbs and 2: because I felt they were plain enough to match any style.
To install them, I simply twisted off the threaded cylinder piece on the inside of my sconce, that held the older glass in place, took them off carefully, as not to disturb the dried up bugs, and quickly put them aside before the bugs could fall into my hair or down my shirt. 
This is not my first rodeo.
Then I replaced the old ones by putting them in place and twisting the piece back on to secure them into position. I stepped back and loved that a two minute change (though slightly terrifying with bugs being so close to me) only cost $14 dollars. 
With little money and little effort it actually made such a difference. 🙂
As for now, that is all we have been doing in the master bath room reno. The hubby’s work hours have changed a bit which means he works later now, the kids both started evening sports and between clients, I am becoming side tracked with my love obsession with gold spray paint.
I cant wait to show you guys the bold and gold things I am making over and I also cant wait to get a pedicure next week for my girlfriends birthday. 
Obviously these toes and feet need to debut a new look. 😉
In the mean time, happy project finishing friends! 
Take it from me, things don’t need to be completed in a day; enjoying the process makes life, and projects, so much better!

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