In Home Life

Busy times! Happy Friday!

This happened to us yesterday morning.
 my daughter and I did what any good independent women would do…
We went back to bed.
On our defence, we have been feeling under the weather.
As always, we have a lot of projects on the go over here and with an immobile vehicle we haven’t made much progress.
On the bright side though,
  1.  Art has been working on our basement ceiling. (See above!)
  2. We made a trip to Ikea to figure out some bedroom solutions for our oldest sons room.
  3. My hubby began to set up a new bed for our son, thus destroying our house.
  4. We successfully celebrated my mothers 60th birthday.
  5. I spray painted a chandelier…keep your fingers crossed!
  6. I am making a Lego table for our kids. 
  7. We are also updating the blogs pages to make it easier for you, the reader, to get around. 🙂
There is always lots happening around here.
How about you???
Getting projects done before the weekend??
Wishing you all a happy healthy Friday!

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