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Our new Baking Corner

My apologies for the half written post one of my children must have published for me.
You can imagine my horror to realize 23 people suddenly must question my sanity as they quickly received and read an incoherent posts with a bunch of pictures that had no apparent order or correlation.
So I am sorry my sweet readers.
Since you are SO so sweet for reading you can count THIS post as a thank you.
This one should put you at ease about my sanity.
(My husband may still be on the fence…)
Today I want to share with you a little change I recently made to a corner in our kitchen.
It was a simple change that took mere minutes but it made a huge difference.
Our coffee corner was perfect for a while, it was a great place to make a coffee and had all of the ingredients for a good cup of tea or coffee all in one place.
We were so happy that this little corner beside our fridge went from stumping us, to serving us, just by adding some shelves and covering a base cabinet in some left over counter top.
It was a match made in kitchen heaven.
But then, one day, to my husbands constant dismay, I got thinking that I wanted to change some things up in our kitchen.
Instead of taking off cupboard doors for some more open shelving  like I had initially planned (see, I am practicing patience) I decided to do some rearranging that wasn’t so permanent.
If you know me then you know I love to bake!
 It doesn’t matter how late in the evening;  I have been known to start creating something yummy close to midnight if I feel so inclined (or if its that time of the month, or if I am just hungry, or if I am trying to talk my hubs into finishing a project…)
I started off by gathering some of my favorite baking essentials to create a special little baking corner.
I started by filling a glass canister with all of my wooden spoons and a few rolling pins.
Then I collected a few of my favorite cake stands that have been painted white to give the illusion that they are more of a collection, and I really just love anything white. 😉
Since the painted ones aren’t directly used for food  it hasn’t mattered that they are painted.
You can see HERE how we really do use these platters for parties and how a simple plate can keep the food from touching the painted surface.
Some milk glass has been put to good use now as they hold measuring cups and toothpicks…
I filled some of my favorite old vintage jars with some baking ingredients…
I pulled out a canister with a tight lid that I had painted a chalkboard paint stripe on for easy labeling months ago.
 I recently received a beautiful big canister for my birthday and filled it full of flour for easy access. It is the perfect size for holding lots of flour!
No more searching through the cupboards for late night baking.
(That means less children waking up and more chocolate chip cookies for Mommy and Daddy.)
I layered it all with a thrifted wooden tray that enjoys its new life as a baking assistant.
Having all of my baking essentials near by makes it so easy to mix up a pie or a batch of cookies.
The best part about this little makeover though is that our bread machine now has its own little home and makes it so simple to throw in ingredients to easily present a friend with a loaf of something special.
I love that my bread machine makes me look like a hero when really it is so easy to use; it really beats having to knead dough while bouncing a baby on my hip and trying to stir something hot on the stove simultaneously. 😉
The cabinets beneath hold more of our baking supplies and all of my cupcake trays and bundt cake pans. It seriously is the perfect spot to whip up something sweet!
I love that the little after thought corner in our kitchen has become so versatile for us.You can see our whole kitchen remodel reveal HERE.
Now I am walking around our home looking at every little corner with a new perspective, trying to find ways I can make our home better functioning without making huge expensive changes.
My husband just rolls his eyes and hides the honey-do-list. 😉

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  • The Old-Fashioned Housewife
    June 29, 2013 at 1:56 am

    Hi there Bethany! Just found your blog and its *gorgeoys*, as is your sweet family. Adding you to my blog reader and look forward to moe inspiration! 🙂