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House Updates!

Wait, TGIF? Its’s Friday? Friday?
What happened to the rest of the week?
 Last thing I knew, it was last week Friday and my family was gearing up for a busy wedding filled weekend as my little sister was getting married. 
Then I blinked and a whole week flew by! 
We have been busy trying to rid my computer of a bunch of awful viruses this week.
Lucky for me I have an awesome husband who spent hours taking them off of my locked, unusable computer.
I dont know about you, but I think it is rather ironic that my phone has crashed, my computer has, our kitchen table has, our basement power has and so many other things have just been going so wrong.
When it rains, it POURS!
Good thing, I am learning to be optimistic and to focus on what I do have and what IS going right.
This past week I was so lucky to be involved in a beautiful photo shoot with this cute little man.
Now that my laptop is up and running again, virus free, I hope to share with you some of the joyous moments of the last few weeks like what the photo shoot was all about and how it was being involved with something that is close to my heart. 
Snapshots of my sisters gorgeous wedding,
our newly fixed dining room table,
a few pieces we are working on,
the new lighting the basement has gotten, and a whole salon bathroom reveal,
and the way the salon in our home is coming along nicely.
We have had some speed bumps along the way in planning a big salon open house, but I’m hoping to have everything ready within the next two weeks!
I swear it this time. 😉
Have a fabulous weekend, I am off to download a camera full of pictures on to my new and improved computer. 😀

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