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Happy Fathers Day to our main man.

When I was a little girl I often imagined the type of man that I wanted to marry.
For me though, being a baby obsessed little mothering-hen type of girl, I pictured my prince charming beyond him sweeping just me off of my feet.
I imagined he would love my future real life babies just as much as I would.
I imagined the perfect Daddy for my imagined children.
My idea of a perfect Daddy was someone who willingly tucked babies tightly into bed, someone who would read the same books over and over again until they were memorized, someone who hoisted little bodies up on big broad shoulders, pushed a bike with a teetering body on top of it, cheered from the sidelines of sporting events, someone who would give big bear hugs, someone who would say small words of encouragement, someone who would be silly enough for morning tickle fights and caring enough to do evening closet checks for monsters.
I pictured a Daddy for my babies long before I pictured a man being a husband to me.
As a little girl I pictured perfection and as a grown woman I am overwhelmed at the thought that the man I pictured in my dreams has materialized in real life as the Father to my babies.
I am so blessed to have a Daddy for my babies that compares to the wonderful example of a Father I saw growing up myself.
My children are so lucky to have a man that is constant, attentive, loving and oh so funny; it is such an added blessing that he puts us first and always makes us feel protected and cared for.
 Happy Fathers Day to my babies Daddy.
The man who we love and adore.
(Hoping you got to tell a man or two in your life what a great influence they have been in your life today.  Happy Fathers Day friends!)

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