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A love note to all the mamas.

 Mamas, you make the world go round.
you kiss ouchies and bandage imaginary scared knees
you stay awake all night during teething and growing pains
you wipe up poop and drool and spilled milk
you count toes and wrinkles and hours left in the day
you rub backs and foreheads and pray for calm
you stare with awe at little people who grow and change before your eyes
you love hard and often and feel like your heart may burst at times
you wipe tears and listen to defeat and feel like your heart may burst with sadness at other times
you have felt every emotion in the world in two seconds flat
you encourage and pray for and give high fives
you brush hair and clip nails and rub on lotion
you fret and wipe and dab at clothes and mouths
you hug and embrace and snuggle and hold hands
you love like no one is watching and like it is just you and them
your heart beats like it is in rhythm with theirs
you inspire little eyes and giving hands
you are the builder of their future
you are the makers of their tomorrow
you build little lives and fill growing hearts and are going to be a part of all their memories
you are everything in their little world.

Mamas, you are amazing and giving and you fill the world with joy; one hug at at time, one person at a time and one memory at a time. Your daily actions do not go unnoticed, your smallest move shapes the outlook of your babies lives and this next generation. Your job is great and valued above all the rest. And I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are today.

Little voices that belong to your little people may not be able to thank you for being all that to them.

But, you are cherished, every little thing you do.

Keep going. 

This is sometimes a daunting and thankless job, but it isn’t in how they say thankyou. It is simply known by the way they run into your arms for comfort, or the way they whine to you, or the way they reach for your hand. They  can be real with you, and you with them.

Isn’t that what true love is??

From one exhausted Mama to another, I wanted you to know, that you are irreplaceable.

You are cherished. 

Best of all, they love you for just being you. 

If you ask me, that is the best recognition in all of the world.

Happy Mothers day from one Mama to another. 
They may call you mom, or step mom or maybe you just fill a motherly role in someones life, whatever the case, today is for you, and I hope you feel encouraged to continue with the rest of the 364 days of this year being the biggest part of their little lives.
You are loved.

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