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What HOME means to me. {A Mothers Musings}

Home is the place where the things on the walls are constantly changing and those same walls protect the sweetest memories, the tables hold the piles of papers and the conversations of late nights and good friends and where carpets are littered with fishy crackers, lego blocks and Barbie shoes, corners have seen time outs, sad baby faces, forgiving hugs and where the dust bunnies congregate.
Our homes are where life happens and for me, I am constantly trying to make the place we call home, a great representation of the people, places and things we love.
 Our home has been in transition for years.
Do you feel the same way?? Are you constantly trying to make YOUR house feel “finished”?
 I feel that way.
Maybe it is because I am in love with constantly shuffling things around, or maybe because when we got married nine years ago, we were like many new couples and had a mish-mash of things, and by slowly adding, rearranging and switching, we have been able to make things feel fresh without breaking the bank.
Over the years, I have made a million design and home mistakes. I have eagerly painted my walls dark colours, to fit with the interior design trend at the time and just to end up disliking them in the end. I have tried the modern look, the traditional look, the brand-new-everything-minimalistic-look, the right-off-the-show-room-floor-look, and the everyones-hand-me-downs-look and Im pretty sure I have followed about every trend out there!
What changed, you ask? 
Well, in my opinion, I am a peaople pleaser, my sweet husband would say differently, Im sure.
Over the years he has became a bit lenient on his interior opinions along with his well known love for neon green paint and Foosball tables in the living room. Today, I realize I was right to wish that I could be the sole opinion-giver when deciding interior choices. 
I mean, it is, obviously terribly difficult to agree on home decor when two people have completely different tastes!!! Over time, my sweet man gave in a little bit and I gave up a little bit and put my idea of a “little white cottage” dream on hold –and we have lived happily every after.
Now he sits back and watches me move and change, create and MAKE our home, and he offers his opinion in spoonfuls instead of spade fulls and we COMPROMISE.
Going with your gut, always feels good, doesnt it?
It sounds so simple, but often in life, in every area of life, it is hard to stick with what we know we will be happy with. 
It is soooo hard, isn’t it??
To do so, we have to block out everyone elses opinions, we have to search deep down in our hearts and we have to discover and EMBRACE what makes US happy. 
As silly as it sounds, choosing your decor is the first place you can start to listen to your heart, and slowly, ever so slowly, you will learn to apply the same technique in every aspect of your life.
Ultimately, when you accept your homes imperfections and you see its potential — all at once, that is when your space will finally feel like home, no matter what stage of development it is in.
Home is enjoying the space you are blessed with and slowly tweaking it along the way.
That is what HOME means to me.
(Dont ask my sweet hubby, remember, he is a fast learner about those types of things.)

I cant wait to share with you all of the things that have been changing around here AND I have a big surprise to announce soon!

IN the mean time, if you like guessing games, take another peak at the above picture. 🙂

PS: For bonus points, and for a virtual high-five, can you see the three elements in the above picture that have changed since the last time I showed you our living area???

PPS: Hint, in total all THREE elements cost less then $140.






PPPS: I really should hunt down some wayyyyy-before photos and let you see first hand that homes are not built in a month after move in day. Im sure I have some doozies somewhere! The best spaces evolve with time, in my opinion. I hope these thoughts encourage you to embrace your surroundings on this Saturday morning and that we all can remember that pretty spaces are great but pretty minds are better.

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  • Aimee Jackson Photography- Photography Blog
    August 17, 2014 at 1:35 am

    Going to guess the flotaki rug the wicker ottoman and the coffee table

  • bethanygier
    August 18, 2014 at 5:02 am

    soooo soooo close! You are off by one thing which is really two. 😉 Love that you are following along Aimee!