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{The Moving Chapters: More salon demo}

So, it turns out, we had a lot of work to do to tear DOWN the salon area before we could put it back UP.
Not a great reality for someone who is impatient to see the finished result. 
So, we got right to it.
THIS post is basically a quick visual flash back at what my little family was doing at the end of the summer. PS: shame on those who kept updating us on the gorgeous summer weather we were missing.  My pasty legs are already dreaming of fully embracing next summer. ) πŸ˜‰
It took a couple weeks between working full time and gutting the rest of the house (stay tuned for pictures soon!!) But we demoed the whole space. We banished the two closets that were on either side of the salon door and we took apart the walls that had three inch nails keeping up paneling on them.
(My arms still hurt. And yes, they remained pasty too.) πŸ˜‰
The space looked dark and barren for a while while we tore it apart. It had to get worse before it got better, right?
We knew that while the ceiling and walls were down it would be a perfect time time to reinsulate.  We took down all the old insulation  (there was barely any!) And replaced it with brand new insulation. My feet already feel warmer. πŸ˜‰
While everything seemed destroyed and was pulled down to the studs, we decided which wall we wanted to put my salon sink on and where we needed electrical and plumbing. 
We also decided (with input from 10 different people on the day we got the keys to the house!!) Where we should install a salon bathroom — from scratch.
I decide that ultimately the salon needed it’s own separate powder room; even if it was just feet away from our families powder room in the attached mud room.  
I wanted something separate and fully contained. SO our best bet was to cut a hole into the left wall at the far end of the space; which allowed access to the space without impeding into the mudroom too much and without taking away from the functionality of the salon. 
A new space for us meant a new person entering the mix of this renovation. We needed it done well and fast. We have learned over time that doing it yourself is good and actually really fun, but sometimes it is best to call in someone who can get the complicated elements of a space done –and fast! 
 So that is the demo phase guys. (A month of work squeezed into a couple posts) Crazy, right?? I cant wait to show you how we put the room back together. πŸ˜€ Until then, wishing you all a happy weekend and a happy thanksgiving to all of my American friends and family.

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