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White Bottomed Baskets {And some 2014 blog changes.}

I read every single email that comes into my inbox.

Even the not so nice ones that I swear are from mean girls I used to know.


I love hearing the sweet things like “You guys make it look so easy” and “I love your projects!” “You inspired me to do this, change that, start this…”
But it makes my big ‘ole heart sad when people say, “I could never do that…” “I’m not handy like you…” “I don’t know where to start…”
And you know what, I can completely understand!!
I am a word girl. Words touch me somewhere deep and I love hearing positive feedback from you and connecting through this big vast Internet world. I mean, isn’t that what blogs are for?
To share and to connect and to inspire.
I listened to some of your email input and want to change some things up around here in 2014. You can expect to follow along with some of our bigger reno projects, but you can also expect some simpler home DIY projects, just like you asked for. 🙂
Cause I love you.
Also because, I can completely relate to wanting to do something to my space, but not knowing where to start. (You should have seen all the things I tried to do with my college apartment!)
I have worked with a limited decor budget FOREVER, and I think most of you do too, right?
Until we all win or start playing the lottery, then we will have to continue to patiently wait for that cute item to go on sale, save up for that item we love, or try to recreate it ourselves.
We all want to put our own personal mark on our homes, to make them special for all of the people that live under one roof. I have learned that sometimes you really do not need a tile saw or a bucket of mortar to make changes to your space.
I’m hoping to show you little ways we have made our place unique for us, and hope that with these shorter sharing posts you will be able to get immediately inspired to conquer a small project.
So, for today, I wanted to share with you how we quickly personalized some sea grass baskets.
It all started with this awkward space between the door to our deck and our living room area, so a while ago I hung up a large mirror we had and put a pretty little bench underneath it.
Since our living room is a hard working place, that is usually scattered with the toys of three busy kids, these two rounded sea grass baskets seemed like a great way to add some extra hide away storage as wll as filling in the gap. 
(MONEY SAVING TIP: I waited for these beauts to go on sale at Canadian Tire and they ended up going down to 60% off. I snatched them up for $4.99 a piece! It is key to keep your eye on the flyers for near by stores in your area; routinely the same things will always go on sale.)
If you have been following along for sometime with This Little Estate, then you and my husband know that I have a slight obsession with baskets. Our living room already has a few baskets kicking around and by a few I mean eight. So, these ones pictured here, needed a small makeover to make them different from the others around this joint.
I simply took them to our garage, while armed with white spray paint and carefully sprayed the bottom half of my baskets.
I was pretty proud of myself for not spraying anything else in the garage white, like I usually do, and for free handed making the bottoms half pretty evenly white. 
Then yesterday, while shopping with my mama, we went into our local HomeSense, and low an behold, look what we saw!
I couldn’t believe my big frog eyes!
For once, I am ahead of the game with this whole designing your home thing. 😉
So guys, if you want to add some texture to your space and be hip like me and your local Homesence, take your random baskets to the garage this afternoon and spray till your hearts content.
This little home update is easy, will take all of five minutes and you too will be able to proudly strut around big home decor stores with your mother saying loudly, 
 “I did this first!”
Cant wait to share more easy-peasy diy projects this year with you guys.
Have a Happy Saturday!

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  • Yolande Leake
    March 14, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    You know, you can actually use the things that you have in your home to help you in redesigning your home. What you have doesn’t have to be overly fancy. Heck, it can be even the ugliest collection of stuff that you’ll ever have. All you need is to know how to put them together. Believe it or not, that’s how the design industry was born. It was never about getting a lot of new stuff but making use of your old stuff and getting creative with the presentation.

    Yolande Leake @ Co-Construct