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Taking On Our Biggest Project yet! {New Stairs}

You know those weeks that just get away from you? I just realized today was Thursday.

Um, how did that happen!

We have been in full swing DIY mode over here and apparently when I am creating I lose all focus on time and life in general.

I mean, look at the baby sitting on the island in the picture above. Um, not good.

Earlier this week, on a whim I began the never ending process of stripping and sanding our banisters. The only problem is that we have 100 spindles to sand and strip and then paint and stain.

I’m tired just thinking about how much work I have in front of me. The day my child climbed on to the counter while I was snapping pictures, I had already put in five hours of sanding and scraping.

You see, the picture above that shows two flights of stairs is just the half of it! We have four flights of stairs in our multilevel home. You can understand why this has taken me two years to muster the will power and confidence to tackle! This project is HUGE and has been at the top of my priority list for so long! I am essentially going into it blind though, as I am not sure HOW I will complete it so it looks just like I imagined in my diy-dreams. I will of course keep you updated on the progress of the stairs and along the way what I learn NOT to do.

Pray for us.

After the dust settled and I cleaned it all up a bit, we had just enough time to execute a Princess Party for my sweet little girl who I talked about HERE. 

This week has flown by because it has been crazy over here; the kind of crazy that makes everyone happy and fills a house with laughter and fun! The perfect kind of crazy with a little bit of left over dust in all the corners of our home. Luckily, we have good friends that always avert their eyes from our messes.

I cant wait to share with you all of the pink and girlishness from yesterdays party!! I know you too will pretend not to notice the dust bunnies dancing around all the little princess’s feet.

Hope you are all enjoying your Thursday and that the sun is shining down on you wherever you are.

Now for me….the sander awaits…

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