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Bathroom Progress. {We changed our mind again,}

Our master bathroom has officially been on the back burner the last week or so as we have been taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather and have been tackling out door projects. 
But, we have been moving slowwwwly on what I like to call “the longest bathroom reno of all time”
Also, guys, why does it take so long to pick out fixtures when three children are in tow? 
I swear we have spent at least three complete evenings dragging the kids around from this hardware store to that one, ripping their gripped sticky hands from shopping cart steering wheels along the way.
Maybe if we were more decisive.
I’m sure it is no shock to you, but we have changed our vanity idea for the FOURTH time.
On a family trip to Home Depot we spotted this vanity and I loved the fact that it was small but had so much storage. We snatched it up and returned the dark wood vanity I had talked about HERE.
And then we went searching for a faucet.

 After a lot of contemplating, and taking the suggestions that some of you left on my Instagram, we went with a faucet that fit the look and style of our bathroom over price or name brand. That’s kind of how I am with anything. IF it looks good, I don’t care if it is $300 or $30 or if I am being honest, $3. 😉
I love the finish of this faucet and it reminds me of something that has a  vintage flare without being fussy.
Speaking of fussy.
Really, though, these kids are the best little troopers. Like, we only made five bathroom breaks on a three hour shopping trip. I’m sure that is some kind of record somewhere. 
Also, speaking of records, my little girl managed to ruin her shoes after ONE bike ride. We will be teaching her how to use breaks this summer, or she is going to have to find a part time job to pay for the shoes she so quickly can go through.
We lugged the vanity up to its spot and I think this one, out of the four previous is my favorite. It is bright and light and simple and lets the bead board wallpaper be the star of the bathroom. 
With a little muscle and a level and a pencil I dropped about fifteen times, I hung our mirror — finally. 🙂
The water may not be hooked up quite yet, and the finishing touches still need to be put in place and the tub surround needs to be installed and painted and sealed, BUT, with a pretty mirror in place, this room is shaping up to be one of my favorites.
Have a happy Tuesday!

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  • Gee Singh Newbanks
    May 27, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    We are allowed to change our minds 🙂
    Looks so pretty.