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Gallery Wall Redo {White and gold love}

A few posts ago, I introduced our new and improved gallery wall. I wanted to add some colour to our living room and the blue grey frames that I painted, were perfect — for a while.
Things don’t stay the same for long over here though.
With Spring here, I couldn’t help but crave more things that were light and bright.
The black frames on our gallery wall were starting to feel heavy to me. They did pull in the black table and chairs from across the room in our dining area, but they still felt too distinct on our creamy walls.
And, besides, I wanted our focal stone wall to be the centre of attention anyways.
(I need to take an updated picture of this side of the room!)
So, with some white spray paint and a sunny afternoon, our gallery wall changed a little bit.
I used Rustoleum gold spray paint and glossy white spray paint in the same brand.
A few coats later and the frames were looking fresh, bright and beautiful!
I suppose the entire gallery wall redo was spurred from some recent junking purchases.
I found this original painting from a local artist and fell in love. It is of the Elora Mill, and the beautiful Elora falls and gorge. 
It was also painted the year of my birth which is kind of cool too.
If you are local, then you know Elora is a little town and a twenty minute drive from Guelph, where we live. And if you have lived here for any length of time, you have probably also ridden on top of a big inner tube down the Elora river on a hot, sunny, summers day. I have so many great memories of times at the Gorge, that I knew this James Keirstead piece had to have a home where it would be appreciated.
 The trees and the landscape in this piece speak daily to my nature loving heart.
It was meant to be. 🙂
 Who would have guessed, that a week later, I would find another beautiful painting by the same artist. This time the painting depicted is of Kawartha Lake, another close by destination.
I am a water loving, tree hugging kind of girl, and this painting, with its blues and greens, pulled at my heart strings. 
To me, it immediately reminded me of our little town’s lake, where I spent so much time during my childhood. Our forests here in Southern Ontario are beautiful and this picture definitely captured that.
I was happily surprised to turn the painting over and to find that it is actually a painting from a place a few hours from our home. At $6.99, it came home with me. 
Our family name starts with a “G” so this one, made the cut again with a new coat of paint.
Because of the addition of the two new paintings, I moved the whole gallery wall around. It took me a while to find the perfect positioning, but I like the changes.
We went from this…
…where our gallery wall was dark…

…to light, bright and a little bit sparkly.
I am in love with the white and bright frames and the way they melt into our cream walls. I also love how the gold sprayed frames echo the gold accents on our side tables and throughout our living room.
I cant believe how much of a difference paint can create. This wall grabs my attention even more and truly reflects some things we love.
Now, to go find some other things that I can makeover with paint, while the weather allows!

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  • Olivia
    June 2, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    I love it absolutely beautiful!

  • LiveLoveDIY
    June 4, 2014 at 12:42 am

    Hi Bethany! I stopped by looking for spindles (after your IG comment) and got caught up reading about your gallery wall! I looooove the new one! So beautiful! I'm obsessed with gallery walls, too. Love it, girl! xo