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Our House (Part Two)

We left off with this little sweetie squished in the back seat between carpets and home decor.
It was moving day and our DIY adventure was just about to begin!!
The Uhaul arrived at 5pm on the day we got the keys to our new abode.
This late time restraint however did not deter my father and I from loading up our trucks and single handedly delivering 90% of everything my little family had accumulated in five years.
And remember I am a self proclaimed hoarder collector.
I will save you the sob story about the worst snow storm of the year that blew into town that day in mid MARCH.
Ill save all the stories and just show you what we did to our little estate on the day that began our adventure in DIY and remodeling. 
Please forgive these photos! They were lovingly taken with my iPhone when the good camera was hibernating until the dust settled.
The heavy 10% in the U Haul
 Part of my closet hanging out in the back of my truck.
A bath tub and part of our kitchen in our truck.
More kitchen in the back of our truck…
My Dad was a fabulous help that first week.
Here he is tearing out the carpet in our upstairs. 

Our son was also born with the need to keep busy and loved pushing up his sleeves and getting dirt under his nails. Love them!

Here is my Dad again surveying the damage and the heavy lifting to come!
(Thanks Dad! You’re the best!)
We are also lucky and blessed to have a father in law that is such a huge help!Here he is taking a closer look at our kitchen.

His years as a general contractor and a perfectionist were going to help us put back the home we were in the midst of tearing apart.

My little man standing in our family room after a lonnggg day of demolition.
He was so proud of his contribution!
 Our upstairs hallway with bare floors and the doors removed, awaiting their new paint job.
We tore up the linoleum in the front entry way and bathroom. With my Dads help we lugged in all of the mortar, tiles and grout.
Ouch, that was a work out!
Stairs leading up to the living area of our home and stairs leading down to the extra space my sister would soon inhabit.
The next day…
My son was rejuvenated by the knowledge that we wouldn’t have a kitchen for sometime and he would get to be treated to eating out.
The kitchen looked like this.
With the water turned off we couldn’t even make coffee! Sorry for the blurry picture, it must have been the caffeine with drawl.
Family room in the day time.
We ended up bleaching all of the floors after the carpet had been removed to rid any smell of pet. 🙂
We nailed the floor down and all four flights of stairs to ensure no movement of the sub floor and that scary night time creaking of steps.
Our master bedroom was a clean slate!
 We started painting our son and daughters room so that we could set them up right away and make them feel somewhat at home in this new house.
Playing around with power tools!
Kitchen is gutted!!
We spent a long time scraping up the linoleum…
We put down mesh and a cement scratch coat that will soon bear our new porcelain floor.
Tool central in our soon to be living room.
 Wallpaper boarder taken off of our sons room! Hip Hip hooray! That took a lot of muscle!
Painting the lower half of the walls upstairs white for a chair rail treatment…
 Getting some moral support while painting my first pink room for our little girl!
Double teaming the green walls!
 Buuuh-byyyye yucky bathtub surround!
Painting and demolishing is hard work. It is good to stay refreshed and hydrated. 😉
Our garage was FULL of boxes that needed a “place”. Sadly this mess was an “after” photo. My husband and father in law got to work building shelving for us.
Our newly bleached and nailed down floors awaiting their cushy upgraded under pad and nice new durable carpet.
Our upstairs bathroom…before we ripped out the toilet, tub and accessories.
Our master bedroom and the view of our itty bitty en suite.
The jet tub that was the death of our en suite door.
A year later that door has yet to be installed again….
Painting our sons room the perfect shade of aqua blue.
Thanks again DAD!!
Remember what it had looked like a day before?? I have a hard working Daddy 🙂
The kitchen flooring looks like it is anxious to get installed? Oh wait, that was just some impatient wife strategically placing each heavy case in anticipation…
No kitchen? No problem!
We set up the play kitchen in the dining room and a certain little lady made us “dinner” all day long while we worked up a sweat!
The basement needed a bathroom. Digging up concrete is a messy hard job.
Ya this job was tedious…
Back upstairs our powder room was getting ready for tiling…
This is how we had to get out of our house.
A nice little plank that led to the garage while we waited for the scratch coat to dry.
Stairway that leads upstairs and the stairway that leads downstairs…
Bare bare basement.
And lastly we took on the tedious task of removing every last faux crystal from the big chandeliers.
We had blisters for weeks on our hands and to do lists that had no end!
But armed with determination and a nice collection of paint brushes and power tools we were going to put the house that we tore apart back together again…
this time our way and with a lot of love!! 

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