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Organizing by Reusing

In my last post, I shared with you how this Super Woman needed some help in our entry way. 
So we breathed some new life into an old dresser. 
The wanna-be-organizer in me is in love with the new numbered drawers. 
The kids love
that they don’t need to rummage around for hours for their belongings
since they know exactly which drawer they should be in.
That to me, is priceless.
This Mama has spent less time breaking up fights and nagging my days away.
Which means I can do other Super Woman tasks, like keeping my newly painted nails unharmed as I change the baby’s diaper.
Seriously, that is not to be taken lightly.
Try it. 
You will agree with me on this task being impossibly difficult.
 Now that things are a little more organized with our new entry dresser and its organizational qualities, I  found myself dumbfounded one morning when my daughter was unable to locate one of her mitts.
I had sworn we had just matched all the spring outdoor clothing and we had put them nice and neatly into her numbered drawer. 
When this happened twice, I knew we had a serial mitten thief on our hands OR items were getting lost within the drawer and slipping out and over the back of the drawer and into the abyss of the dark dresser within.
I knew the latter was probably true, and felt sad for the little mittens that fell to their death never to be seen or heard from at the back of the dresser drawer.
My Super Woman senses came out in full force as my mind swarmed with ideas on how to prevent this from happening to my daughter with the helpless look on her face.
I knew I needed to contain the mittens and smaller items within the drawers but did NOT want to spend the money buying plastic containers. I averaged, as fast as one can when they dont pay attention in math class, and figured out I would need about three containers per drawer.
Even at $1 a container I would still need about 3 containers per drawer x 5 drawers would mean $15 for containers.
(See Mom! You didn’t waste all your money sending me to private school! That is right, right??)
My Super Woman strength is definitely resourcefulness and I immediately remembered all of those salad containers I had been (hubby says “hoarding”) saving for a project of some kind. 
We eat spinach or mixed salad often so I had collected quite a few of these thicker plastic containers.
It took me only a few minutes to fish them out of hiding and to quickly see that they added just the right amount of storage for our children’s smaller items. I put them in the drawer and they were a perfect fit for our needs.
The fact that they are clear, means that we can also quickly detect if any sad little mittens have jumped again, this time in between the new organizational feature.
This small change cost me nothing seeing as most normal people throw out their plastic garbage. For some reason, the green-me hates to do that. I love to look at an item and see how I can get one more use out of it before discarding it into the garbage dump. 
Now don’t get crazy on me, this only applies for some things.
I’m not quite ready for the show “Hoarders” to come and start filming quite yet.
Though, my patient Hubby might say I am at times when he is searching for a tool in our garage that is crammed full of half finished projects.
Have I mentioned I love that guy? Cause I do, and Im not just saying that so he will let me keep that couch I picked up from the side of the road.
If you are able to see the good in something and the potential it has….
…that is a strength in itself.
If you are able to apply that way of thinking, past salad containers, old furniture and discarded couches that are on the side of the road and into life and into relationships, then you have the most coveted Super Hero strength of them all.
Happy Thursday friends, may we all notice the potential treasures that we come across this week.

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  • bed shop in Romford
    May 4, 2013 at 3:50 am

    The renovation makes this Dresser useable. i like your color choice too.