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The Moving Chapters: Chapter 17: A Mudroom Makeover {One Room Challenge Week 2}

So truth be told, we have bitten off more than we can chew.
I just did the math and added up our spare time, and although I may have failed grade nine algebra three times, I can count, and I estimated that when we aren’t working or running kids to dance class and coaching hockey and volunteering to host parties, we have like 15 “free” hours in the next 4 weeks to complete our one room challenge.
Handy hubby and I are gonna have a few dates with 2AM I think.
We really  kinda don’t know how this  is all going to go down since we don’t really think things through…EVER. So this is pretty normal around here…biting off more than we can chew and stuff. We are doers after all.

No room for doubt around here, so upwards and onwards!!!
Apparently I ramble when I am under stress….soooooo….
Here is what we have accomplished this week:
1. A family trip to Ikea with minimal complaining from the kids and only one full fledged argument in the clearance section between Husband and Wife because Wife kept changing her mind and Husband somehow couldn’t read it.
2. We scored 4 cabinet doors and two cabinet boxes in the clearance section of Ikea which was EXACTLY what we were looking for. Also while we were there, no fist fights occurred that we know of. If you have been in that section you GET it. 
Though, I did encounter a little old lady who tried to take a cabinet door out of my cold dead hands and although she said she “wasn’t gonna steal it” from me, she literally walked around the clearance section with it tucked under her little old lady arm while planning her escape. She then realized I was wearing sensible heels and she was not and I could probably out run her. I’m not certain I actually could, but my game face said other wise. She gave it back in the end and told me it was an ugly choice anyways. Yeahhhh…..

3. We stalked Kijiji until I found a set of lockers being sold in near by Brantford for $25 bucks a piece. Lucky us, three lockers were forged together so we basically got three for the price of one!! We turned this purchase into a date night since the gentleman selling them was named BUBBA and around here, a BUBBA is the name of a mini keg, also although you cant judge a person by their name (Hello! My maiden name is GRIEVE and I am actually a pretty happy person darnit!), you can never be too careful when buying things off the internet.

PS: Internet buying tip: if you buy clothing from Aliexpress, a Large tshirt here is an XXXS tshirt there. Don’t make the same mistakes I have made, order accordingly.

PPS: Mr. BUBBA was a very nice man and was totally just a regular guy. There were however lots of beer cans in sight on his property. No other mini bubbas though.

4. We have installed shiplap on one wall in the mudroom/laundry room. We even got the kids involved and no one even lost an eye ball.
Yah us!

5. We took down 70 year old cabinets that had been installed above the present washer and dryer. The plan is to stack our washer and dryer to make room for more folding space and storage space. Hubby made a racket while I had clients in last night, but lucky for me my clients are chill and our kids know how to eat all the girl guide cookies for dinner instead of demanding an actual meal. They also totally drank milk WITH the cookies, so we are all pretty proud that we can manage full balanced meals on a weeknight while taking on giant projects.  
We also put together this mood board for your viewing enjoyment.
Basically it visually outlines everything we want to do in this space.
1. We need to convert our washer and dryer into stackables without anyone being crushed beneath one in the moving process.
2. We need to install new flooring that can stand up to snowy Canadian winters and chemical color spills (this room also pulls double duty for my business where I play the role of color expert.)
3. We need to incorporate tons of storage. We will be utilizing the “ugly” Ikea cabinets and adding long linear black hardware just like we did in our living room built-ins.
4. We need to install new track lighting. (We have limited outlets in this space and a limited budget.) Though, if you are an electrician and you would like to get paid in haircuts please email me asap.
5. We need to build a miniature built in mudroom with a bench and storage and a place for messy boots and our plethora of stinky shoes.
6. We need to paint the trio of lockers we inherited from Mr. Bubba
7. We need to paint our shiplapped walls and built-ins and ceiling and lockers and everything else in this space.
8. We need to add some organizational items like cork boards and message boards for all those pesky and important school papers I put in a pile to read but only get to once a month.
9. We need to add some texture over our double sink. Perhaps some basic faux brick or, if we have time/ we want to meet 4AM every night, we could sub out the faux brick for subway tile. We shall see.
10. We need to add organization to the space in the form of hiding cat food and dog food and all of my color I need to use daily in the salon.
Its a hefty list, but we are pumped to get things moving along!
So pumped in fact that all of the things from our mudroom and laundry room are strewn around our kitchen and dining room! I am somehow still hosting an event here on Sunday too so wish us luck!!!!
What are you guys up to this weekend?

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  • Lucille @ www.myswedishvictorianhome.com
    October 15, 2016 at 2:48 am

    Great mood board! You are hilarious! I hadn't heard of Kijiji(?) because I'm American, I guess. I really need to get my passport. I'm probably only 2 to 3 hours to the border. That's closer than Pittsburgh!

  • Mudroom Makeover {One Room Challenge: Week Five} | This Little Estate
    February 24, 2017 at 3:58 am

    […] WEEK TWO WEEK THREE WEEK FOUR This week is week five and although we are struggling to balance work life and reno life and have seen 12am every night with tools in our hands. We ARE making progress! You may be wondering what has made this particular renovation difficult and we have been too! It seems like we are working constantly on this space but haven’t seen much physical progress. The reason for that issue, is because everything we have been working on is BEHIND the walls. This week we moved water sources, relocated electrical, moved venting for our dryer and built bulk heads to hide all the pipe work. To the naked eye the space could seem like it hasn’t changed, but those walls know how much thought and effort went in to moving the components behind the walls. So, if THESE walls could talk, they’d tell you they are done having us all over them. We, of course, would politely agree. Some of the things you will notice HAVE changed are the relocation of our washer and dryer along with a new wall to give them a built in appearance.   Then we installed more shiplap on it to create a streamlined space. Then we installed cabinets above our sink area that will double as color storage for my salon. To finish off that wall we installed a faux brick backsplash behind our sink area.   During this week we also survived a trip to Home Depot, with the kids in tow, to create a custom paint to match our chickens pretty blue eggs. Then, I painted our back entrance and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. (More details on that later) Here is a little peek! Speaking of paint, we also made over a trio of lockers that I am so pleased with! (Tutorial to come!) This space near the backdoor is where the lockers will end up. You can see the wall juts out into the space because that is the wall that houses my salon bathroom. In turn, the lockers won’t stick out too much, therefore leaving that exit quite accessible for the future. Here is a quick look at the evolution of these super icky and sticky lockers. Hubby and I lugged them in place to see how they will look and I’m pleased they fit and aren’t too intrusive into the mud room’s walkway. Here is a little look… So you have seen a little bit of our progress but what you didn’t see were the multiple trips to Ikea and the multiple trips to our favorite hardware stores for more shiplap. (Real life DIY renovations are not done overnight, and I like to remind MYSELF you guys of that periodically.)  However, you may have noticed on my Instagram an adventure to the gigantic Leon’s in Scarborough to pick out a key component to this room! (See a bunch of other mirrors we love HERE) Wait till you see what we do with that gorgeous mirror. It’s gonna be such a pretty dramatic detail in this otherwise very utilitarian space.  I’m kinda ecstatic about how this is going to look! […]