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The Biggest Super Woman Power

Positivity is a woman’s greatest strength.
I truly believe this.
From a person outside looking in, they might assume that our little family has it all together. 
They cant see that I just scrubbed the sticky jam and greasy finger prints from the windows and that I just yelled at my six year old to pick up his toys for the one hundredth time that day, and because he didn’t listen, I pushed the pile of toys aside just to snap a picture.
Outsiders may assume happiness and positivity come easily for me and for us.
They might think that I am a naturally positive person, or that I let things roll off my back or that others don’t criticize and that is why I am able to keep a positive outlook.
But all that would be assuming, and very incorrect.
I am so grateful for the bad times in life and the moments of self doubt because they make the good times so much better and they really do breed self confidence.
Being positive isn’t a natural thing to do, and yet it is what we all ultimately strive for. 
When I learned about Maslows’ hierarchy of needs, everything was put into perspective for me. The psychology theory suggests that we are all striving for self actualization, we are all on the journey where we try to maintain peak experiences. 
People who are self-actualized often have what Maslow termed peak experiences; moments of intense joy, wonder and awe. These experiences make people then feel inspired, strengthened, renewed or transformed. 
They become positive. 
I decided recently that I wasn’t going to wait around for moments of intense joy or wonder, I was going to stay positive because I knew it was a strategic part of being a well rounded Super Woman. 
I knew that to feel rejuvenated and energized I needed to surround myself with positive people and positive things and that way I would STAY positive.
 It is impossible to do so all the time, but I am learning ways to look beyond a bad day, a bad conversation, a bad feeling and to look at the bright side.
There is always a bright side.
This has not always come easy. 
In fact, this post is as much for myself; to remind me that positivity is contagious. It spreads and grows and makes everything it touches alive. Negativity does the opposite, it tears down, it is contagious too, but unfortunately destroys everything it touches. 
I love this picture of our little family, simply because it captures the essence of positivity.
Right before this picture was snapped, I lay in bed with my four week old baby crying. Not just any cry too, but that ugly cry that later makes you flinch as you press an ice pack on your puffy eyes.
As a family, we were dealing with every mothers nightmare. Something was wrong with our baby and he was going to need invasive surgery where the outcome was not promised.
This past year has been the worst year of my life, but ultimately the very best year ever.
Our lives are not perfect, our home is not perfect, we struggle and have had to over come so much this year.  
But, in those times where the ugly-cry comes out in full force, I am reminded that there is always a chance to smile again. I don’t have to wait for moments of complete joy to feel positive, I just have to start with my heart.
My heart and my out look.
There is always room to be a little more positive, to focus on the good in my life and to let everything else just roll off  (insert rapper-esque move of dusting off my shoulders).
I choose gratitude. I choose happiness. I choose positivity. 
I choose to spread gratitude, happiness and positivity all around me.  
I choose to be the Super Woman I was intended to be by remembering that a little positivity can go a long way. It is one of the best super strengths around and I am choosing to share it.
How will you spread positivity this week? You may never know that the little ways you share your positivity can change someones life in a big way.
There is no better time to start then today. Someone you know, might really need it.

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  • Nancy
    June 8, 2013 at 4:42 am

    Here it is almost midnight, a month after you wrote this post. It finally hit it's target. Thank you so much.

  • bethanygier
    December 30, 2014 at 4:02 am

    thank you for your kind words Nancy, Im so sorry I didnt see this sooner. I hope you have continued to find a way to be a bright side seeker. xo