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A dining room problem solved

I have project OCD. 
NO lie. 
I have a full blown problem when it comes to finishing one project and then moving on to a second.
I can become so passionate about starting one particular project, but as soon as I hit a glitch in the project-road, I will put it aside and move on to my newest project of the hour.
Hence our home business, my rattan chair I shared on Instagram and our dining room…. to name a few. 😉
You might wonder what could be wrong with our dining room. 
I shared what it looked like HERE.
Everything about our dining room and our table set is perfectly fine, maybe the fact that it is a “set” was the part that was throwing me off. 

We purchased our pub style table and chairs eight years ago when we got married. We loved the fact that the table turned into one that could sit eight! We were always the friends that were hosting gatherings at our place every weekend and the idea of more seating made total sense at the time.
It was great while it lasted, but that pub height table was not conducive with little bodies that needed a ladder in order to sit in one of the high style chairs. I also despised the fact that our house was so monochromatic. In a last attempt to add some texture, I reupholstered the chairs for the second time.

It became very apparent this year when our son started full time school, that the high style chairs were keeping our little family from truly enjoying our dining area.
His homework time was spent jumping up and down from the high top table and loosing focus. I knew a smaller, regular size table would be better suited for our growing family of littles.
Hence the hunt began.
I knew we wanted a classic looking chair with a bit of a vintage and traditional edge.
Resultados da pesquisa de http://makingitlovely.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/BlackStickBackChairs-500x500.jpg no Google
A Thatcher or Windsor style chair was the style I was immediately drawn to.
The only problem, I wish they were a bit wider and had some arms on them…hmmmm…

kitchen chairs | thatcher side chair - solid maple with ebony stain | room and board $300
Oh yah, and the price of this pretty chair was waayyyy out of our growing family budget.
This solid maple Thatcher style chair stained in ebony was $300 a piece!!
I have finally talked my husband into replacing our table by convincing him that we needed to utilize a leather bench I had originally purchased for our salon. (It didn’t end up working in the space, but was such a good deal that I knew we needed to keep it. (Hubby would say that was the hoarder in me talking))
The problem was that the bench was a dark black leather with a red oak leg, we would need to incorporate the style of the bench with any table we would consider purchasing.
The following magazine exhort was found here, I just loved how it showed a bench about the same size as ours with a table; the chairs just happen to be awesome too.
Loved the curved bench.  Love the two fabrics.  Love the table with wood tone & black.  So many possibilities
 The white upholstered bench on the right is almost the exact replica of what we have in black leather. 
This particular article convinced me on my idea to mismatch Thatcher style chairs with a bulky bench.
So, we have been looking and searching our local thrift stores, consignment stores and kijiji sites. (Like an American Craisgslist ;)) ever since.
Shhhhh, I finally have a dining set in my possession, sitting on my deck, basking in the sun, with black matte paint drying on it. 
Eeeeek! Im so excited! 
I cant wait to show you what I have been up to and how we are changing our dining room while sticking to a limited budget!
Now, to go put another layer of paint on my beautiful new chairs that I can hardly wait to share with you!

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  • Crystelle Boutique
    May 10, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    that curved bench is breathtaking!!!

  • bethanygier
    May 12, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    I think so too Crystelle! I just love relaxing on a bench, it feels just like sitting in an intimate restaurant booth, dont you think??