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Kitchen – Half wall build up!

So our new house had this awful half wall I keep talking about. Because it had not function and was awkward we decided to build it up. By doing so, we would make the kitchen feel separate from the living room, we would have a wall to back our fridge unto and we would have a wall to hang our television on.
Now enough of that! Here is what we did!
The only problem was that i wanted to close up the wall completely and my husband only wanted to close half of the wall up. We backed the fridge on to the half wall and sat back. We sat back for 4-6 months. ๐Ÿ˜‰
We worked on the rest of the kitchen in the mean time.
As you can see from the above picture, we had the kitchen mostly completed when we were deciding how to go about completing the half wall to have it make sense for our family.
Our kitchen “phase one plan” was to close up the wall, until the middle beam. My husband said the air vent was not able to to be moved, and he liked the idea of having a kind of pass over to the living room from the kitchen.
(You can notice the middle beam in the above picture.)
To catch you up to speed, we were planning on putting cupboards below the half wall on the entrance side of the kitchen. But then I finally talked my husband into shortening the half wall on that side of the beam and building it up to enclose the kitchen half wall completely.
Here are some pictures and some explanations!
Clear as mud? ๐Ÿ˜‰
So we got to work. Demolishing our newly (almost) finished kitchen.
 The only problem is we would have to break up some new tile that was already cut to fit the entrance, and we would have to replace them. (Have I mentioned I am married to a Saint?) We would also have to move the air vent over and dry wall some more. No biggie when you are married to such a great guy. 
(I so hope he is reading this.)
Here is the big gaping whole from the vent that we Hubby filled. All those new tiles around the hole would have to be broken up and replaced.
We lived with the gaping hole for a while, since at this point in the project, Hubby and I both worked full time and were in school part time. We would come home and avoid the big hole in our floor by distracting ourselves with the kiddies.
 Then, probably during an evening when we drank a lot of coffee, we got the determination and energy to build the half wall up! 
 Because our kitchen has a bulk head above our cupboards that is full of important house vents and piping and stuff. We needed to continue it around the kitchen so the new addition wall wouldn’t look like an addition. So we framed it up.
 Then on another caffeine infused evening, Hubby dry walled…
 And on another caffeine filled evening, He plastered the walls and sanded.
Reno’s definitely don’t happen in a day!
 During another night, we plastered it all again, and sanded it all again.
Then finally, our half wall looked like a full wall. Six months later and not a minute too late.
 We sat back and surveyed our work, knowing we had learned some things along the way.
  1. We were exhausted.
  2. Every square inch of our house was COVERED in dry wall dust.
  3. Caffeine really does give you an extra few hours of energy.
  4. Dry wall plaster in the hair does resemble birdie doo-doo.
  5. It was the best decision to build the wall up completely.
  6. Remodels DO NOT happen overnight, and without detours!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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