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Gender Neutral Botanical Baby Shower (Easy Decor Ideas with Tutorials!)

I’m counting down the seconds until Spring over here and not just because I crave flowers, greenery and sunshine! But also because my little sister is having her first baby!

In my family there are already 13 grandchildren from my six siblings, but we have presently gone the longest stretch in our family without a little bundle of JOY joining us! Infact, my littlest guy is almost six years old and HE was the last baby! I hope someone told him, it is almost his time to pass on the title as the “baby of the family.” 😉

This weekend, with the help of my sisters and lots of darling friends, we put together an afternoon to shower my sister and my littlest nephew (IT’S A BOY!!!!) with so much love and TONS of presents.

I put together all of the decor for the event, but was busy greeting our guests and fussing over platters of cookies (OK, stealing. STEALING COOKIES.) that I didn’t manage to snap pictures of the event, except for this handful from my mobile. (BAD BLOGGER!)

Since, you guys have asked over on INSTAGRAM for more pictures of the day, here you go! A little glimpse into Baby Little’s DAY! (Yes, my sister married and inherited the last name LITTLE! How ironic and cute is that!?)

The day was one that was exciting for all, but no doubt especially for the grandparents (Nanna and Nona to be!) so, we made sure to mark a spot front and center for the ones that will forever be last minute babysitters and the ones most inclined to post macaroni art on their fridges for the next decade. 😉

We obviously also made a special spot front and center at the venue for the woman of the hour, the expectant Mama!

To create a spot that was pretty and functional, we combined a pair of chairs, so her guests could come and sit with her for photos. It also made the perfect spot for our own Mama so she could easily perch right beside her to help keep track of all of her gifts and help organize them as they were opened.

I added a cozy faux fur beneath the chairs to add warmth and texture but this was also meant to be a functional spot for a friend who handed her her gifts to be opened as well.

I created this Mama banner from a branch from my sister’s favourite hiking forest (Starkey Hill) and added on some faux greenery and florals to match our gender neutral botanical baby shower. Then, to combine the gold foil balloons and the branch, I simply attached them to the branch with fishing wire and hung the entire thing on to our back drop with fishing wire too.

The backdrop was constructed from my older sister’s photography stand and I simple draped material and over it to create a two sided backdrop. After that, I hung strands of warm sparkly lights between the layers to illuminate the backdrop, making it the main stage for the girl of the hour: the new Mama!

To warm up the venue even more and to add varying texture and depth to surfaces throughout, I sprinkled twinkly lights and greenery in every corner possible.

These DIY florals were shared in my INSTAGRAM story but upon your request, I’ll also archive a post here on the blog for easy reference in the future.

Floral design doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s all about adding varying shapes, textures  and heights in the form of blooms to create an interesting bouquet.

Showers are known for their outrageous games and contests (Eating baby food and putting melted chocolate bars in diapers anyone??!) For this event however, we took a more laid back approach with activities like filling out these darling keepsakes that allow you to share your “advice to the new mommy”.  A truly adorable keepsake!

To find similar game printables and/or pre made invitations in gorgeous styles, visit THIS site to order and download!

Decorating a hall can also seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be.

TIP: Section large open spaces into stations to maximize your decor. EXAMPLE: Corral all refreshments to one wall or corner. This way, you really only need to decorate around your individual stations instead of feeling overwhelmed by the large space!

Halls and venues are large and incharge and even have unfortunate but realistic rules like “Do NOT attach ANYTHING to walls and or ceilings” when you use them. This obviously is needed s0 stylists don’t start banging holes into all the walls, but this can also be very frustrating to a creative decorator. 😉 However, it is easy to improvise! With some ingenuity I created a backdrop of green and white that could simply be propped up against the wall!

You can too! Here is how….



Gather two 2 by 3 canvases and cover with faux boxwood greenery with a hot glue gun and glue. Trim to desired size.

Spray paint two oversized frames the same colour.

Cover two hula hoops with with fabric and hot glue.

Add greenery to one corner of a wood cross stitching frame.

Attach all frames and your covered hula hoops together in varying heights with fishing wire.


Secure a cardboard (or lightweight) animal bust to the back of your canvases with hot glue on location. Their weight will hold it in place against your wall.

Create a small natural cedar wreath with fishing wire and attach around your animal bust’s neck along with battery operated  twinkling lights

This whole installation ended up being a total of eight feet long. The perfect size, to fill a large bare wall and quirky enough to get guests talking while gathering yummy refreshments.

A friend, who my sister and I worked together with at a local bakery, when we were teenagers, clearly still has all of her amazing baking talents. She whipped up red velvet cupcakes and delicious lemon cupcakes for the guests.

My little sister’s gracious girlfriends came in hand with more delicious goodies, which completely made the sweet table the sweetest spot.

The day came and went in a rush and I hope the next six weeks fly by too, we cannot wait to meet the littlest Little around!

Mama and Daddy can’t wait most of all…

When was the last time you went to a baby shower? Was it gender neutral? Did it have a theme? I have been asked to style another sweet baby shower, so I am gathering SOOOO many ideas! Cheers to all the new little people who will be making their world debut in 2018!


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