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What Perfect Means to Me. (#YourPerfect)

Ever since we moved to our fixer-upper-forever-home, I have been thinking a lot about what I want this home to feel like. Currently we have half finished projects in corners of every room and last nights snack dishes lining the bottom of our kitchen sink. Long gone are the days where everything I owned was alphabetized and color coordinated — though I do long for those days. I have come to quickly realize that when a house is under renovation, it is best to let some things go. Apparently by looking around this place, we have been letting a lot of things go recently. 😉

I want this space to be a place of comfort. A place where the door is always open. A gathering place. A home where my family and friends come and can just be themselves. I want our house to be be a retreat from the world where we can throw our feet up and and throw our worries away. I want this place to be a true representation of what we hold dear, where coffee and conversations flow freely. I want these spaces to be finished and pretty one day but I also want others to know that the only things that are too precious around here are the people and the memories we make within these walls.

I’m realizing that things don’t need to be picture perfect to be perfect to me.

I have teamed up with Leon’s recently and I love that they believe the same thing. They help create homes that are meant to be lived in, not just looked at. This resonates deeply with my Mama heart. There will always be art supplies scattered on the table and toy planes strewn across the living room floor and though that’s not typically picture perfect by social media standards, its pretty perfect to me.

There are moments throughout my day that aren’t picture perfect but they are undeniably beautiful to this Mama. Sometimes I put that tool down in the middle of a project or put that stirring spoon down in the middle of making dinner and I snap a picture of that real moment I want to hold close. 

You know the kind of moment I’m talking about, right? The kind where the dog steals your spot on the sofa and stares at you in that adorable way only the family dog can, or when the kids pull out everything from the cupboards and turn the pots and pans into a happy tip-tapping drum set. 

For me, my perfect moments are when our house feels the way I have always wanted it to: love filled.

Around here it definitely feels that way first thing in the morning. Especially on those days where the house is quiet and the bed is still warm, you know the ones. When I wake up to find sleeping little people who have quietly climbed into bed after they were awakened by the early morning light.  It’s that moment when the whole day is before us and there is possibility everywhere. When the day is ready and waiting but I find myself lingering a little longer just so we can be together. In that moment I get to really reflect. To see how they have grown up a little more and to see them slowly wiggle awake.

Those for me are my favorite moments that I want to tuck away in my Mama heart forever, while I tuck them in just a little bit longer.

I’m so thankful for the realization that it’s fine that renovations, parenthood and life demand that we let things go sometimes, because the things that are worth holding on to are right here.

My absolute perfect moments, these ones, are when these babies are still enough for me to count the new freckles growing on their noses.

One, two, three, four…

What does your perfect moment look like?

I would love to see what things make you pause and what moments you want to remember. What instances make you grab that camera, snap away and lock that moment forever in your memory bank.  Use the #YourPerfect hashtag on Instagram to share the moments and the people in your day that you want to hold on to. I can’t wait to see what makes you feel content, excited, inspired and happy.

Whats your perfect moment? 


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