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I am the first one to help others overcome their fears.  Are you afraid to use that power tool or start that new business? NO WAY, Girl, YOU’VE GOT THIS! Are you wanting to run after that passion project, or even run that race, or run for the PTA? COOL, GO GIRL, You CAN DO IT!

I’ve been what I like to call “a passion pusher” for as long as I can remember. Which is really the driving force behind me authoring this DIY blog for the last seven years.But truthfully, when it comes to pushing myself to new heights and new endeavors I fear the FALL and it is debilitating. It takes me weeks and months to get over it and to get beyond my fear. Have you ever felt like that?Does that resonate with you too?

To some, I look only as the go getter multi-tasking entrepreneur who has her hands in everything, but, it actually takes me A LOT to get there. I may be someone who can wing a DIY project or a recipe, BUT when it comes to learning new skills, especially electronic skills, and especially pairing both with being publicly vulnerable, I lose absolutely ALL of my winging it skills.

Because I am self admittedly electronically under developed, this post and announcement has been a long time coming!! The truth is,  I am a child of the 80s, whose electronic skills were once limited to the length of the string that was thread and tied to the naked duo of Campbell’s soup cans my siblings and I had stretched, tied a knot through and spent summers yelling in to.


Anyone else remember playing “telephone” that way?? LOL

But alas, I regress. 

The point is, last year, in 2018, I fell into the rabbit hole that was all things audible content in the form of Podcasts and wondered why it took me so long to discover this digital platform that was so inspiring! Podcasts were seemingly like the Talk Radio of my youth excpt NOW you didn’t need to be hired as a radio talk show host to be heard.


Podcasters, I have come to learn, are regular people who just have something to say, partnered with the gumption to learn a new digital program! Basically they’re just really good at having phone call conversations but recording them! This is something I proudly mastered in grade school when we wanted to catch the dirt on our fellow caller, or prank our best friend, or document a deep and meaningful conversation. Immediately my creative wheels started turning and I knew this whole Podcasting world was one I wanted to be a part of.


How would I learn a new digital program when Im self proclaimed electronically overwhelmed? How would I do something this vulnerable and do it well? What if I got negative feedback? What if I did it, I figured it all out, and people didn’t like the sound of my voice? What if I stuttered and fell over my words? What if people think I’m a know-it-all when I just really want to SHARE? WHAT IF NO ONE LISTENED?

*Shakes sense into head*

What if I carried on living not doing something I was passionate about? What if I didn’t offer an easier way for my community to connect with me? What if I didn’t share and give and inspire in a way that felt more ME than anything I’ve discovered in this ever changing digital era? What if I let fear hold me back from pursuing new things? What if I didn’t live up to my full potential and help others live up to theirs because I was too afraid?

MY first step I mused, was getting over my doubt and fear and replacing it with positive thinking while offering the same encouragement to myself that I am known to offer others. The next step, to figure out my WHY!


And then, I figured it out. My readers are like me. JUST like me. They are the WHY.

Over the last seven years of blogging our lives have changed and gotten busier than I ever had of imagined. As with most juggling families, I’m fighting against the busy, I’m wanting easy, I’m striving towards things that can be easily doubled up. Driving and working and doing dishes in silence? Nope! That’s the perfect time to squeeze in that audio book I’ve been meaning to read or to catch up on some inspiration from my fav talk radio or podcasters. The more I have my hands busy in dishes, DIY, gardening and laundry, the more I am craving to be inspired while making, creating, organizing and doeing. YOU TOO?


That’s why I KNEW a DIY and creative driven podcast would be the perfect addition to the way we connect and the way we are all multitasking our busy lives.


I DID IT!!!!

I kicked fear and negative talk out of my mind and I just went for it!

Smash fear? CHECK!!

Figure out my why? CHECK CHECK!

Create the Podcast, overcome my digital doubt and make creative content?? CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!

IT took about six months (never said I was a fast learner!) but I (mostly) figured out the ins and outs of podcasting development, recording and creating. AND NOW, I just want to share all things creative with you over on This Little Estate Podcast!

If you are trying to balance it all and don’t have time to sit and read blog posts, I will be sharing and recapping everything that happens in this space over on my brand spankin’ new PODCAST!

I don’t ever want to be the reason others feel overwhelmed, infact, as always, I want to HELP you simplify your life! I know that this new venture will do just that for you.

Don’t have time to read blog posts, watch Insta stories or to scroll scroll scroll ? No worries, tune into my Podcast on ITunes and just LISTEN IN!

CHEERS  to working out, running errands, soaking in self love time and STILL learning how to create the home and life you’ve always wanted through the new audible adventure we can share!

Today is the day I’ve been preparing for for longer than I would like to admit. Since January of this year, I’ve spent months learning, prepping, stressing, praying, second guessing and ultimately learning and editing.

AND NOW I am at the point where I am going to now follow the advice I give others.

I am not going to let fear hold me back or the uncertainty of being so vulnerable make me feel like I can’t do something. Because the thing is, I did do something, I DID master how to create a podcast FOR YOU! This digitally delayed girlie learned a new skill, despite fear!

My hope and prayer is that you get something out of the things I will share on my Podcast. I hope that it helps you be the multitasker of your dreams, the DIYer you’ve always aspired to be and I hope it gives you the information and inspiration to build a life that fills you up.

I CANNOT WAIT to have you join me over on This Little Estate Podcast, found on ITunes RIGHT NOW!!!



Do you want to start that blog, website or that small business? Do you want to start your own podcast too? Or maybe you have something to SAY!? If any of these questions resonate with you, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and or an email at thislittleestate@hotmail.ca I would love to answer your questions, encourage you to GO FOR IT and to be a part of your fear crushing squad.

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