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Custom Colour Sofas are Changing the World of Design


I like options. That’s what I tell my husband when he asks about the plethora of shoes I own. I like options and colour too. Which is precisely what I tell him when he points to the innumerable bottles of nail polish taking up precious bathroom cupboard space. He never understood exactly what I meant by telling him that I adore options and colour until he heard me going on and on about the launch of Leon’s Furniture’s new custom coloured sofas. Ever since, he hasn’t asked about the tiny colorful paint bottle and the shoes I’ve had since College. He gets it.

But seriously, in the past we have known the woes of shopping for the perfect coloured sofa just to be stuck with something (For ten years!) that we weren’t ENTIRELY in love with. Life is too short to not be entirely in love, so fear no longer, you too have options and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with many of them!! When Leon’s approached us to help share their new line of custom colored sofas I wanted to scream with glee with arms wide open from the hill tops. Sound of Music anyone? Have you heard about all of the different styles of Leon’s sofas that come in gorgeous custom tones now? If you like selection and color like I do, then hold on to your chair, this news is going to change the way you look at home design forever!

To show off the Canadian made Klein sofa and the four new gorgeous colours it is made in, myself and three other Canadian bloggers, designers and stylists spent a day in the Leon’s studio putting our own spin on this particular piece. Each of us set forth to design a living room around one of the four custom colours the Klein can now be loved in! I LOVE how versatile this couch is and how you can see just that through our individual designs.

I’m a firm believer that light furniture can be enjoyed while still embracing a house full of children and pets. So when I was given the task of designing  a room around an ivory sofa, I didn’t hesitate. I know from experience that light and bright spaces are soothing, easy for families to relax in and easy for Mom’s to clean up! (Check back for a post soon on my tried and true tips for getting the most out of your light coloured furniture! HINT: It takes NO additional work!)

The process of designing a set and choosing all of it’s details was such a blast. Hello shiplap, soft blue paint and gorgeous floors! Also, who else agrees that the art work in the space I designed is the rooms’ crowning glory?! It was such fun to choose it from an array of gorgeous art work found at Leon’s, I just wish now that I had of brought it home! Our whole family loved being on set for a day and hubby and I were pleasantly surprised when the kids didn’t jump on the sofa like they do at home. 😉

PS: Did I mention the Klein has a sleek back cushion that is extremely cozy?? IF you have wild children who use the couch as a gymnasium, like us, you wont have to worry about back cushions being damaged through years of upside down television watching. All the parents KNOW!

Here is the light and bright, family friendly space I came up with!


If you love bright spaces too, the Canadian made Klein sofa in it’s durable Ivory linen-weave finish is a sofa that could be just the addition that sets the tone of the room for your dreams! Speaking of dreams, wouldn’t it be amazing to WIN this exact sofa? I know, I know, my arms are spread wide open and I’m tempted to run through the hills again too!

Seriously though, it is happening!! For your chance to WIN THE KLEIN SOFA  you don’t have to run through the hills or anywhere at all! To be entered to win simply:

  1. Follow Leon’s Furniture on Instagram
  2. Take a peek at all four versions of the Klein Sofa, now available in IvoryGrey, Azure (Navy) and Laguna (Teal!)
  3. Leave a comment sharing some love on YOUR FAVOURITE version of the sofa!
  4. That’s IT!!

(Who else zoomed in to the photo on the Ivory Sofa page just to make a comment on the Instagram photo of the bowl of buttery popcorn? Mmmmm….popcorn. ;))

By following those simple steps, you will be immediately be entered to win!! Good luck! Hopefully I will see how YOU style your sofa! For more info and to get even more colourful details about other sofas that now come in custom colors, head on over to http://www.leons.ca/customcolours Some of your favourites are included there!

Aren’t color options the absolute best when it comes to designing the room of your dreams?? Which is your favorite color and why??

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