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Painted Flower Pot Tutorial

We joke around that if you’re still for too long at our house, you’re getting a coat of paint on you.

Truth be told, I have been known to paint absolutely anything and everything. My motto is, if you don’t like it, paint it! I’ve always believed that life is too short to live with things that don’t t visually work in our homes, and have been known to point a can of spray paint on anything from floors to chandeliers.

Recently I’ve taken this same belief and applied it outside of our home to our outdoor spaces. I started a few weeks ago by spray painting my metal bistro table and matching chairs a classic black and loved the immediate results. I now want alllllllllll my outdoor elements to look as timeless as that set looks.

So, I took advantage of the fact that Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Alkyd Paint is 40% off right now until July 10th at Home Hardware for  during their Paint and Renovation Sale and scooped up some spray paint AND savings!

Recently I was gifted a trio of sun bleached plastic planters and decided they would be next in line for some visual upgrading. I wanted to put them to good use this summer and I also wanted to make them look more substantial and refined.  It’s amazing that spray paint can do just that!

With the help of some Rust-Oleum matte black spray paint and a sunny afternoon, that aided in fast drying time, I was able to totally transform five planter pots in 20 minutes flat! I was so impressed that this Rust-Oleum paint covered them in one coat and I especially loved the comfort of the spray nozzle! I’m loving the final results and love how they now boldly contrast against our newly painted house! (Told you I love paint. )😉

If you’ve got some tired planter pots on your hands or if you want to visually unify the existing mismatched ones you already have, this quick how to video will show you how easy this is!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1q41n7Qv2w&w=560&h=315]

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