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20 Beautiful Closets {and a peek at our newest project!}

We are at it again.
This scene of closet carnage has been a foot away from where I lay my head each night  – for two weeks.
Nightmare inducing, yes.
Unfortunately for us, renos don’t pan out in the same manner as they do on HGTV. I wish they did. But with two working parents and evenings full of children’s activities, we typically only get a few hours a week to bust out a project.
BUT, this project has been a long time coming, so I am soaking in this big fat mess!
This closet makeover-overhaul has been four years coming.
When we bought this house four years ago, we inherited two of the tiniest master closets I have ever seen. We tried to make the best of our limited storing situation by adding more storage inside of our closets, but lately, it just hasn’t been cutting it anymore. Even after I did a major closet purge, there just seems to be little wiggle room in our closets along with some bad design elements that make me want to live out of the laundry basket.
And, it’s not like I need another excuse not to put away all those baskets of laundry, you know?
We have big plans for our little closet that could and hope our budget friendly tips and tricks will help you if you too are hoping for a fresh start with a fresh closet this year.
I will definetly be sharing all of our messy details with you in a future post; if you like that kind of mess-diy-during-destruction-pictures, but until then, wont you dream with me for a moment?
Here are 20 beautifully finished closets 
 (that will probably never be our reality, but boy do they make me want to go organize and color coordinate all of my  wrinkly tshirts.)
Contemporary Closet by Edmonds Home Builders Chermak Construction, Inc.

(IF you want to see even more closet prettiness, feel free to checkout my Pinterest board called “CLOSETS”. It is full of my current inspiration!!)

So, what do you think? Are you as smitten as I am? These closets show organization and beauty combined and make my detail oriented self so happy! 

Tell me, do you keep an organized closet? Ive acquired a lot of organizational ideas after having a small closet for so long! Do you have any tiny closet organizational tips and tricks for me? I would love to hear them!

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