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It all started with one little bench.

It all started with one little bench.  A Kijiji sale for $50.00.
At the time I thought it would make the perfect addition to the little salon we are building in our home. 
It was leather, washable, sustainable and we came to find out it had actually lived in a salon during its first life.
Its second owner was moving to Australia and so this little fine made beauty was brought happily home with us.
I put it in place but regretfully realized its dark color was competing with the new dark floors we had just installed. 
I painted and added a little white side table to the leather bench, but the whole room still needed some warmth.
Still needed something more….
As luck would have it, I was in the right place at the right time, and my girlfriend helped me load this little beauty and its twin into my vehicle.
It is the prettiest butter color in real life! 
It also has the most comfortable velvet tufted back with the best curves to snuggle into.
Im a little bit in love and so glad I have learned to listen to my own instincts.
Its vintage style trumped the little leather bench and added the perfect amount of charm, character and lightness that the space so badly needed.
So the salon seating was solved, but NOW what would we do with the bench that we still really loved?
Currently, this little bench has sparked an entire dining room redo….
I couldn’t get rid of the little salon bench. 
I couldn’t
SO, we are giving her a little makeover and she is becoming the star of the show in our dining area…
And this my friends, is what our house has looked like for the last few weeks. 

In progress. 
My kids have been enjoying eating on the floor, but the time has come, and the dining area is almost done. 
A few more tweaks and I cant wait to show you!
You can expect some vintage and rustic elements, some matte black and some shiny white. 
As soon as I get this place up and organized long enough to snap some pictures, I will share with you the little area that has become one of my favorites in the house. 
Happy Wednesday friends! Only three more sleeps till the weekend 😉

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