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A look into our lives and the month of MAY

A couple of weeks into May and I can honestly say this has been one of the busiest months ever for us!!
We have been busy trying to finish our salon, we have been neck deep into spring cleaning, purging and reconfigurating every room in our house, and our little man turned the big O-N-E.
Cue the mama tears.
I have been so busy doing lots of little projects to keep my mind off of the fact that I no longer have a little baby…and  I cant wait to share all the changes with you! 
Here is a little sneak peak into the last couple weeks of May 2013!

From top left to right and down.

1. The beginning of May was so cold and wet, but we chased away the spring blues with ducky rain coats and laughter.

2. We are back to eating as clean as we can. My impending 30th birthday is later this month and I have a personal goal to be in the best shape of my life. We will see. 😉

3. We make it a ritual to go to the park every day or every other day, weather permitting. Something about being close to the outdoors does something to our happiness level. Bring on the fresh air!!!

4. I decided to make some big changes in our living room dining room. These numbered baskets are a nod to the style I am incorporating into our space.

5.  A sweet girl friend sent me a picture of a headband she wanted for her daughters dedication, she was unable to get the specific one she had wished for, so I whipped together one that just looks so sweet on her!! I love creating pretty things for pretty girls!

6.  I have concluded that I am a better baker than a cook. At least in MY own books!! I made this egg free, dairy free banana bread that was so good, I think I ate about half of it! I will have to share the recipe soooooon!!

7.  This past weekend in Canada was Victoria Day long weekend. It is the weekend that seemingly kicks off summer and one where we celebrate Queen Victoria and the freedom we share in our country. Our neighbors lit up the sky with so many fireworks it was hard to keep the kids asleep!!

8.  Our baby boy turned one this past week and I cant wait to share with you the small party we had midweek, mid morning….it was easy, simple and perfect!

9.  We celebrated warm weather last night, and a day of hard gardening with a jump or two on our bouncy castle.

The month of May has proven to be very eventful around This Little Estate. 
Keep your eyes peeled for some new room reveals and some tips on party planning, eating better and refinishing furniture!!
I hope you all are havin a good week so far.

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