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Aqua Side Table (Trash Turned Treasure)

One day last summer I was driving around town minding my own business, busting a move like only I can to Justin Bieber. When my son  interupted my duet with Justin and hollered a blood-curdling scream from the back seat of our vehicle.
I immediately stopped all dance moves and toe tapping and used my dancing feet to slam on the cars breaks.
I frantically inquired what was wrong and my dirt-loving-scabby-kneed-adventurous-boy declared a “huge bug” was on him.
Grrrrreat, and I’m sure Daddy wasn’t going to leave work to come squish it and rescue us.
His hysteria ensued, so I climbed into the back seat to search for the tarantula my son described.
I searched and searched  and searched the car only to find a forgotten juice container with one lonely fruit fly swarming the top of it.
Huge bug?  
I suspect we are probably due for an optometrist visit soon…
I chastised the screaming and freaking out and brushed off the lose cheerios from my knees.
So there wasn’t a huge bug, but I’m thinking of putting my son into theater very soon. 😉
Everything happens for a reason though and if I hadn’t of searched for ten minutes to discover that lonely minuscule bug I wouldn’t have found the lonely table that was discarded at the side of the road next to my tires skid marks.
From terrified screaming to happy rejoicing. In seconds. That is our life over here.
It was small in stature and had a bamboo inspired base.
I loved it! I tossed that little table into the back seat and simultaneously squashed that lone fruit fly.
I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it.
I love blue and adore turquoise and wanted a bold little side table just like the ones I had been eyeing.
Like these two cuties…
I went to our local big box store and found the most beautiful shade of turquoise called Caribe.
You can find it HERE
It was the perfect tone of turquoise and with my first brush stroke I was smitten!
Because it was a paint and primer variety in one, it went on smoothly and only needed two thin coats to cover up its bossy-glossy finish.
One coat down…
After letting the paint dry, I slapped on a second coat and stepped back to admire my trash turned treasure.
It turned out exactly like I had wanted it too! I love when that happens!
This little made over table revolves around our house and finds itself placed next to various furniture and in different rooms. It brings the perfect amount of playfulness to any little boring corner.
Not that boring describes our hosue hold much these days.
Sometimes car-freak-outs have a good ending.


What do you think about turquoise in your home? Too much? Do you ever pick up someones trash and turn it into a little treasure too? Do you kill bugs for your loved ones or leave that to the fearless few? Do tell!

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