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Master Bathroom Progress {Free furniture is always fantastic.}

I am a recovering perfectionist.
This means that I would much rather show you lots of pretty pictures then the awful ones I am about to divulge for your curious, non judgemental eyes.
My favorite part about other peoples renovations are seeing the progress pictures. I love to feel like I am right there, amidst the chaos and somehow getting the inside scoop on the design details.
When it is our OWN renovations though, I like to cancel all social events, chase the mail man away and close my eyes when I walk into a room that we are working on.
But since I am a recovering perfectionist, I am trying hard to share the meatiest parts of any renovations, the “during”.
As you know, our projects take wayyyyyy longer then the rest of the worlds, but that is fine too, sine it leaves us lots of time to change plans and to roll with new ideas.
Rolling we have done.
That (the picture above) is wall paper folks! 
I shared the above picture on my Instagram account a few days ago.
If we had of stuck to an appropriate time schedule, we would have been done this bathroom, but since we are us, we have been slowly plugging away and adding wallpaper, changing out our first vanity choice and adding other fun elements as we go.
As progress goes, we have a few more tiles up in our master bathroom and with each one I think my husband gains a new wrinkle. It has turned out to be very time consuming to place those itty bity tiles with his big man hands, but he is trucking along and we are loving the outcome so far.
And if you stand in our bathroom, just so, and turn your head a little to the left, you can ignore that there are two half walls left to tile and you can simply take in the beautiful view of the one finished wall.
Paying attention to details is hard work.
And then there is me.
 I’m the type of girl that flies by the seat of her pants, that rolls with the punches, that covers her bedroom with building supplies and that whips something together in an afternoon.
Read: Wallpaper adventures part #2
The first time I wallpapered it went very smoothly. 
But this is round two.
Round two that I threw up during nap time.
I will have to do a whole post on what I learned from my day of wallpapering our itty bitty space, but for now I will just let you know that it is always good to figure out if your wallpaper is pre-pasted or not before applying it to your wall. 
This will save you tons of precious time and your darling fingernails from peeling off all the gunked on, crooked, awful wallpaper that seemed like it just didn’t want to cooperate.
Thank goodness for patient perfectionist husbands who encouraged me to relax and leave the hard wallpapering job to him.

Thank goodness, also, for my own intuitiveness and for knowing that my perfectionist husband would never actually add this job to his “to do list.”

Thank goodness for perseverance and coffee. 
Lots of coffee.

Once the wallpaper was hung, which didn’t take that long after I uncrumpled those handy instructions, I lugged up the old discarded side table I had found road side one day.
We decided that if we could rig the drawers up, to fit in with all the under the counter plumbing, then it would make a pretty nice vanity.
The piece is solid wood and has the “Bombay” company name stamped into the back of it. Of course it was free, but I also prefer it to some of the ones we have seen that were worth hundreds.
It ends up being the perfect height with the addition of our bowl sink. 
BACK STORY: (We had both the counter and the sink from a previous reno we had done to our salon bathroom. Once we found a vanity that better suited the style of the salon, we put the sink, faucet and counter in storage. Unknown to us, though, the previous faucet that we had, ended up corroding in storage when a bottle of toilet cleaner burst on to it. Yes, I totally blamed the kids and the dog. It could not have happen because I stuffed all the bathroom supplies haphazardly into a box?)
Lucky for me, when the kids and I went treasure hunting last weekend I found this perfect faucet at our local ReStore. It was also %50 off day, so we happily scooped up this almost new beautiful faucet for $22.50. 
Once I lugged all of the new pieces into the newly wallpapered space, I switched over the old knobs from the vanity for some new blingy ones.
I love that they are shiny and pretty and will go beautifully with the mirror that I talked about HERE.
But guys, now I stumped. 
I’m left with the idea of painting this cabinet out a pretty colour or leaving it as is. 
In the mean time, which could be any time between now and next Christmas, my hubs will be putting up some moulding to finish off the faux bead board. I will paint the trim and bead board making the whole space look bright and white. 
So, do I refinish the cabinetry and make it white as well? Do I use this opportunity to bring in a pretty pop of colour? Hmmmm. I truly am stumped. 
Anyone want to offer their two cents? I would love to hear your thoughts.
This is how she is right now. 🙂

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  • marty (A Stroll Thru Life)
    March 22, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Oh the bathroom is looking fabulous. I love everything. That vanity is stunning and I love the stain. I would not paint it, it is such a fabulous piece and looks so elegant and chic as is. Painting just makes it any other ordinary piece. Hugs, Marty

  • jackieguanzon
    March 25, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    Luv your blog. We're into a lot of the same things… Furniture repurposing (I'm a garage sale whore!!!hahaha), decorating, healthy eating (or eating in general) and blogging.
    I would definitely paint the cabinet. A pop of colour for sure and definitely use chalk paint for a lovely matte finish.