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Entry Way Revamp {White and bright for Spring!}

The other day I began to spring clean our home. 
So, I did what any woman would do, I turned up my music super loud, put on my frilly apron and got to work. 
I thought I would start by cleaning the baseboards, trim work and the doors in our home.
You know, since I cringe when visitors come in the day time. There is a reason why I only invite guest over in the evening. Darkness hides a multitude of home sins.
I’m not sure how it is at your place,but here, the kids scuff up walls and doors and after a long dark winter the longer days reveal scuff marks everywhere.
My kids are known for crazy exhausted antics after a freezing cold snowman building session. They lay exhausted and soggy on the floor, and kick their soaked snow pant clad leg wildly, until their muddy boot flies off and hits a random wall.
 After all the trim was cleaned, I decided to try out all of our white paint selections on the beat up bathroom door that is in our entry way and got slightly side tracked. 
You know how that goes. 😉
I decided that our entry way needed some brightening up. I mean, it is suppose to be Spring and yet we are still enduring the longest winter ever. If it isn’t the brightest outside, it will be inside!!
Its snowing outside as I write this.
I recruited my hubs and son to add trim to our entry way hooks and then I filled all the holes with putty and got to brightening up the space with the brightest white paint we had on hand.
I kind of am in love with it.
The space went from bold blue and fun…
To soft and neutral:
This dreary weather has me craving everything and anything bright. This paint has certainly helped. 
I painted a little thrift store stool white as well. I figure the kids will have a place to sit now, instead of sprawling on the floor and kicking non stop.
 Boot removal is going to go so much smoother now.
The kids have already put the stool to good use; the little ones are using it to stand on and are now able to hang up their own coats and back packs. 
Win win.
I took down the dark frames that were previously above our hooks. See more pictures HERE. Instead, I spray painted some large vintage frames and put them in their place. Immediately the space feels more open and airy.
Now, when you come over to visit, you will see this space.
Before we moved in, the house looked like this….
When we moved in, we ripped up the flooring and the carpet and laid down neutral tile and new carpet. We added new baseboards, trim work, crown moulding, lighting, paint, some hooks and our own decor.
After some painted trim work, some slight changes to our decor and a painted stair railing our entry looks like this…

Add a dozen strewn boots everywhere, and the scene would be accurate.
Now, to finish my initial plan, and get back to painting that door. 

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  • marty (A Stroll Thru Life)
    March 28, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    I looks so bright and open and I love the accessories. Hugs, marty

  • Gee Singh Newbanks
    March 28, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    So bright and pretty. A sweet spring welc9me. Luv the double white frames!