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A Graphic Ikea Rug {How to add instant fun to a space!}

Last week at this time, my husband and I were packing to go away overnight for the first time ever without all three children.
And by “us” getting ready, I mean, I was frantically packing and going over my “what to pack” list while my husband tossed in a pair of clean underwear into our bulging suitcase the moment we were headed out the door.
I was a wreck, yet somehow remembered everything. Unusual for me.
I was stressing out big time on whether or not the kids would be fine without us. I wondered if our youngest would fall asleep at night without being tucked in the way I always do it, and I wondered if the older kids would climb into bed with my in laws the same way they do with us.
The only thing that got me out the door early Saturday morning was the realization that my husbands work conference accommodations were very close to an Ikea.
You see, If you follow me on Instagram than you know going to Ikea is a big deal for me.(I even picked to go there for my birthday; just so I could buy a few things with my burning-a-whole-in-my-pcoket-birthday-money. And yes, we then did end up eating ooey gooey mac and cheese as my thirtieth birthday dinner. All class, all the time.)
The last time we had been to Ikea, I saw their terrifying “NOW OR NEVER” sign beneath their coveted black and white graphic Aztec rug. 
I didn’t really have a planned place for this particular carpet, but I knew it would add such playfulness to our living area.
So, on our way, I dropped my husband at his work conference and I snuck away over the highway and through the woods and found myself at Ikea — even before their doors slid open.
Eager Beaver.
Early bird gets the worm.
Over achiever.
Yep, all that explains me that morning.
Once I had devoured a frozen yogurt cone for breakfast, I made my way through the Ikea maze of neat rooms and clean sinks and snatched up the only carpet left on the whole floor. 
I glanced around to see if I had to fight anyone off of it, and to my surprise I didn’t need to pull out the cat claws. I  then dragged it under my little arm all the way through the lighting section, the frame section, the bathroom section, and of cource through the clearance section.  
I stuffed the black and white beauty in our vehicle and we lugged it along for our 24 hour kid free escape. 
We brought it home and it has ended up under our desk, directly across from our kitchen, and beside our living room.
This week has been a blur. I have been trying to find the perfect spot for this carpet and have in turn turned the whole house upside down. Does that happen to you too?
Along with working tons I have been trying to spend lots of quality time with our kiddies and letting my mama guilt slowly disappear.

And you know what? The kids were fine without me. All three of them.

This overnight date and shopping trip thing a girl could deffintely get use to

Cant wait to roll around on this carpet with my favorite kids this weekend, playing indoor hockey, zooming cars and reading books.  Sounds about perfect at this point in my week.

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  • homefornowblog
    November 16, 2013 at 12:02 am

    I love that rug! I have never seen it at Ikea but now I'll be on the lookout! Its so fun