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I have found a storage solution!!

Happy mid week friends! I am in full swing Spring cleaning/organizing/purging mode over here….which mean our Little Estate looks awful while I try to make things look better!!

Well, with three kids and and two accessory loving parents, you can never have too much storage and organization FOR all the accessories!

One small problem, our entry way has the teeniest tiniest closet I have ever seen! Like, so small, that it would rival my college apartment closet for “the smallest closet award of all time.”
Can you see the lil’ closet there on the left of the hooks we installed? I know, it is so small, one can barely see it.

We always try to work with what we have though and utilized every square inch of that little closet by taking away the single bar it had mid height and adding two shelf/ bar combinations one above the other for our jackets and such. That closet still spills all over our house and I am one tired mama from bending down to pick up yet another coat or pair of snow pants or what have you! 

The hooks seemed to help collect the clutter, but, the husband and kids prefer tossing their things any which way they see fit.

 Which, any one who has experience with either dependent will know, that this means things will end up everywhere and no one but the mother will remember where anything is! ;

Spring is on its way, and I have my fingers crossed that the snow will melt soon and we wont have a need for the heavy Canadian-esque winter jackets and snow pants!

BUT, we will still be left with FIVE accessory loving people under one roof.

This translates into lots of hats and shoes….and scarves….(mama is addicted to the pashmina variety and wears them all summer too). 😉 So, we are in desperate need of more storage in our entry way.

I know we showed you our entry way makeover a while back, but there was one small corner we didn’t really show you. Well, I am all about keeping it real over here, so I have been plagued with guilt that I didn’t show you what we have been using to organize our plethora of hats and mitts and winter apparel.
This was suppose to be a temporary solution once I moved it out of our children’s room where it had once been filled with toys. We needed immediate storage, and besides, our kids barely pick up their toys so storage wasn’t extremely necessary! 😉
Which brings me to why I am rambling on about our entry way and the problems it has.

If I thought twice about showing you our over flowing lack of storage situation, and personally always cringed searching through one of those baskets to find a match to a mitten, then something had to change!!

So, my friends, I have been working on a sweet little piece of furniture that will live happily forever with the aqua dresser that sits front and center in our entry way and has been the item of focus in past blog posts.
You can see in the refelction of the mirror, our temporary storage situation!
That blue dresser better stand up straighter because I am about to introduce you and it to its competition. Check out some of the pieces that have been inspiring me!! (Click on the picture to be taken right to the link, to pin responsibly! :))
Minty Green dresser in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint from Malenka Originals. Two parts Grain Sack and One part Luckett's Green.
 Love this cabinet with numbered drawers
No source found. 🙁
love the numbers on drawers 
I love looking through Pinterest when it comes to choosing a colour for a piece of furniture!

It allows me to really visualize the piece in my space.

I may even load a similar  picture of what I would like to add into any given room on to my computer screen, and put my laptop where I picture the piece. Shh, dont share my weird secrets.
I am a total geek like that and it has helped me decide curtains, rugs, and the odd home accessory!

How do you decide on a potential purchase or project makeover for your space? Or are you just a purchase, lug home and see-if-it-works-kind-of-person?

Im going to wait on your suggestions while I go clean up after this latest projects! Cant wait to share the finished project with you soon!

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  • Kelley
    April 12, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Hi there! I am trying to get my own storage at the front door. I love your positive sayings over the hooks. Where did you get them? Did you make them?

  • Kelley
    April 12, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Hi There!! I love your storage solution. I am trying to get the same situated at my front door. I love your positive sayings over the hooks. Where did you get them? Make them?