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Our miracle boy is 10 months old!

I cannot believe our baby is 10 months old now!
We feel like we have known him forever and can barely remember a day without loving him, yet, it feels like he was just a tiny bundle but a blink ago.
 You, our sweet boy, have grown and changed and we have loved watching ever second of your life. 
You now have 7 teeth and you use your little pointer finger and thumb to maneuver cheerios, sweet potato chunks, fruit and even the stray piece of dog food into your little drooling mouth to use those seven teeth. 
You have the chubbiest little arms and legs which are delightfully squeezable. You have the cutest little dimples that are smack dab in the middle of your round little cheeks that your family and strangers love to pinch while speaking incoherently about how cuuuuuuuute you are. 
You smile constantly, and have become a little man that loves making others smile too. You know that a simple wave to your sister will have her doubling over in laughter and if you look your daddy right in the eyes and babble “Da Da Da” that he will report to everyone who will listen that you can call for him. You throw and catch a bright green tennis ball down the hallway to your brother and throw just as many green grapes at your Mama making everyone laugh until breathing is forgotten.
You open cupboard doors and baby gates like you are twice your age and take steps around the coffee table and up the stair to the adoring applause of your family. You sing along loudly in the car when your siblings join into the songs they have memorized from the radio, and you yell just as loud when you want attention and desire to make someone laugh at your sweet smile. 
You are starting to sprout soft hair on your perfectly round head that your mother cannot stop caressing and patting throughout the day. You are predictable which makes your mother self assured and confidant, a gift she can never repay you for giving her.
You pound your little hand and knees from room to room during our crazy mornings, when we are brushing teeth and getting dressed; you love to be right in the middle of the action. Sometimes when you are not, you let out a big dramatic cough so we will look your way; suddenly four people tell you how cute and sweet you are at once, and you smile your gorgeous smile that lights up our whole home. 
You stand on your own in the middle of the room to our silent wonder and praise. You have taken one single step and we still wonder if we woke up the entire neighborhood with all of our clapping and excited shouting; you put up with us trying to get you to preform over and over and you are by far the most patient baby we have ever known.
You prefer water from a cup and to hold it on your own, though you will guzzle down a stray drinking box if you can get your little hands on one too. You will chew on anything and don’t hold back your chompers from a dirty hockey stick or a my little ponies sparkly head or flowing hair. 
You smack your lips together and lean in for imaginary kisses when you know someone is upset. Sometimes, we fake cry just to have your face light up with a smile and to see your little lips squeeze together and to have your little arms reach for our faces. 
We wish we could bottle up those sweet baby kisses forever and ever. 
You go to the library twice a week and love to listen to books as you sit so still, sharing your mamas lap with your older siblings. We try to tire you out and finally it seems to be working. You usually fall asleep at 10pm yet wake up in the early morning to have your mama hold you and feed you and rock you back to sleep. You have this way of breathing the softest breath on your mamas chest, that she hates to put you in your own crib, but knows you roll around too much to safely sleep beside her anymore in the big bed. You are just so snugglable and adorable in your little sleepers with the little feet and the zippers that stop right at your chubby little neck. Gosh, we can barely stand to not hold you forever when you wear your little footed jammies!
You are gorgeous in every way, sweeter then a summer strawberry and are loved more than you know.
You, our boy, are 10 months old now and your siblings and parents can barely believe we lived a day without you. We have never felt so blessed then to have had the blessing of waking up to your happy smile and your little hugs for ten whole months. 
You are adored, and you probably know it by now. 😉
Happy 10 month birthday little baby boy. 
Our miracle baby, our fighter, our brave one; you are a daily example of Gods love and grace, and we couldn’t love you a drop more!

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