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Meet The Family!! {A new adventure explained and a new YouTube webisode

My husband and I lived up one street away from each other
when we were young. However, it took us 20 years to find each other. Ironically,
while we lived steps from each other, he was busy being enthralled by all
things creative and wood work inspired and I was down the street growing my
creativity, painting all the things and deconstructing heirloom desks with hand
saws. I was thirteen.

When we met and married eight years later, suddenly of course, because we aren’t
really planners, we didn’t know how much the other enjoyed creating, designing,
making and getting our hands dirty, in our respective ways. We didn’t know that about each other yet, but we both
admired the others unique love for people and that was enough to bond us immediately.

 Since then, I have
often described my husband as someone who “would
do anything for anyone”
and I have continually adored that quality in him.
Last week, when I asked handy hubby what he
loved most about me, his exact words were that “I was caring and kind.” Now his concise
response wasn’t the overly expressive, detailed, description I
was hoping to coax out of him, but expected since he IS a man of few words.
Also, totally flattering that he is the type of man who appreciates these
qualities above others.

So we shared a mutual enthusiasm to care for others early
on, and then over the years, we realized that we both were in our element when
we were creating together.
If you’ve ever been in our home while we are there,
beside each other tackling DIY projects then you know there will be lots of
sarcastic banter between us, evened out by sickly sweet pecking with equal
heaping helpings of both arguing and joking. You’ll also notice there’s a little bit of
magic there too. Which we believe is precisely what happens when two people are doing something
they really are passionate about.

For our growing family it was a natural occurrence for our children to end up getting involved in our messy creating. Our two youngest have
never even lived in a home without projects on the go, so they really don’t know
any difference!  We all like it this way.
We like to think that you can never have too many hands involved in a project
and believe that we have grown closer and bonded over some of our messiest
projects to date. This year we will undoubtedly be arguing and smooching side
by side again, but we also want to do more than that.

Along with our miniature renovators and my handy hubby who
is known to “do anything for anyone” we will be concentrating our efforts on
being the change we want to see in this world. For many people that can mean something
different, but for us that means living each day with a lot of hustle and a lot
of heart.
All our kindred hearted creative friends get it, right?

Around here we tell our kids they need to “see a need and
meet it.”
Sometimes that looks like filling the dishwasher without being asked,
feeding the pets or organizing the mudroom. Our hope is that this idea of
noticing a need will become habit.
Sometimes that [“seeing a need and meeting it”] looks like filling the dishwasher without being asked, feeding the pets or organizing the mudroom. Our hope is that this idea of noticing a need will become habit.
One day, when they leave our little comfy
nest and go into the big world, we hope they’ll be remembered for being caring,
and be referred to as the people that will always “do anything for anyone”.

Finally our children are at ages where they are grasping
this concept and they are actually able to be of help. (To all the parents journey-ing through the dependent baby and toddler
stages, don’t worry, this day will come for you too!!! ;))
Our babies are
growing into little people and are now at the age where they are also watching
us to see if we live by the same words we encourage them to live by. Its
humbling to watch their little eyes on us. And even more humbling when they ask
us the same questions we ask them: “What
is something kind YOU did today?”

We are calling 2017 the “#YearOfTheReno” not just because of
our personal renovations, but because as a family we will be reaching out to
offer our skill set to others. Do you remember our positive giving initiative called
“The Porch Project” that we began in 2014?? Catch up HERE if you need to!!!  We will be taking a variation of the porch project on the
road in 2017 in a whole new way!
What will that look like exactly? Well, periodically
through the year, we will attempt to “see a need and meet it” in other peoples
homes. Why? Because, yes, a little magic happens when we are side by side
creating together but  A LOT of amazing things happen when we care for others in real and tangible ways. From our porch to yours, if you will.

Hold the bill and start the car, we are going to be house
crashing some very deserving families this year and can’t wait to share more
with you soon!

In the meantime, check out how we introduce our children to
our YouTube channel and how we break the news to them that were taking our show
on the road!

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