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Frames! Frames and More Frames!

My addiction to painting things is getting bad. At least I can admit it. I believe a coat of white paint can make any old thing better.
My oldest brother introduced me to the power of spray paint when I was a young teenager. I had a horrible ornate mirror that was all shades of gold and he encouraged me to paint it an awesome purple to match my “Friends” purple bedroom. Like Monica and Rachael’s apartment. You know the colour…
Ever since that saucy purple ornate frame I have been hooked on paint!
I got this little can of goodness through my cities “paint and reuse program” . I cant even believe I just told you that. It is my little secret paint heaven.
I love that I can get litle bits of paint for projects that dont require buying a whole gallon of paint. AND, it is such a good recycling program where products can be reused or disposed of properly.
 I don’t even think this can had been opened!
Free paint really gets me happy.
It is the small things 😉
I had an ugly old frame that needed a new lease on life and got right to painting it.
A little white paint and this frame was going to be the beginning of a beautiful gallery wall in my master bedroom.
Do you love a gallery wall as much as I do? I love the eclectic type where anything goes! Which brings me to my next idea.
 I have had these mirrors for years! They are just about a foot deep and a foot wide and yet because there are only three, they seem odd if you group them together.
So I got scheming.
My husband so graciously reminds me that I have a hard time throwing something out. And you know what? For once, he is right.
 I still like to claim that I am resourceful and creative.
A coat of chalkboard paint later and I am definitely on to something with great potential!
 After a second coat of chalk board paint.
This gallery wall is going to be unique.
 Here is some eye candy for you in the shape of frames and wall worthy ideas to get your creativity juices flowing!
Pinned Image
I love the combination of frame colours in metallic and the combination of square shapes and round elements! And those big letters! So cute!
Pinned Image
Here is a great wall that incorporates an ugly thermostat in a frame! Again, the mix of white and black frames is stunning on this wall. I love that it starts right from the desk top. Check out the great tips mentioned from this informative site!
Pinned Image 
 And of cource this iconic gallery wall from Young House Love.
I adore the hanging keys and the photo booth picture strips. The kid friendly art work and hand written letters add an organic feeling to the fresh and airy hallway gallery wall. There is no denying that this wall is fabulous.
Haven’t you been inspired to mix shapes, metallic and coloured frames?
I cant wait to show you my take on a little gallery wall. The mix of chalkboard black frames, crisp white frames and metallic silver frames have started a nice little interest wall in our master, I hope to share it with you tomorrow!
Until then! 

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