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Tutorial: Valentines Day Shabby Chic Rose Pillow

We shared this pink shappy chic rose pillow in our last post. 
We also encouraged you to take a moment for yourself, it doesnt take long to get run down, and it only takes a few moments to feel refreshed again.
I hope you found a moment in your busy life to sit and regroup so you can be energized to be calm, carry on and create!
We love creating around here.
We love to craft and cut and glue, and if my kids had it their way, we would do so all day long.
This easy pillow is an example of a craft that the kids can help with, and one that doesnt have to be perfect; the imperfections add to the charm.
First gather your supplies.
 You will need a pre made pillow case (or make your own, we bought ours for one dollar from the dollar store!)
half a yard of material
a pen
card stock, or cardboard (we used an old cereal box)
two different sized round shapes (we used different sized mugs)
a long straight pin
hot glue gun and glue sticks (not pictured)
Second, trace the different sized mugs with your pen (the kids love to do this part) and then carefully cut out the circles to use as templates for your flower petals. 
 My mugs were 4 inches and 3 inches in diameter.
 We ripped off a long piece of fabric. My burly six year old boy loved this part, and pretended to be “Hulk”.
 Fold your long strip of fabric back and forth (accordian style) and then pin your circles to the fabric.
 Cut around the circles until you have a large stack and a small stack of cut out circles.
 Then get the kids to cut the circles in half.
 Now, starting with the larger “petals”, lay them in a circular pattern; you are now ready to glue the half circles in a brick laying pattern and attach with your hot glue gun. If you want the kids to help for this part, you could always use fabric glue. I let the kids put the petals where they wanted them to go and lifted them to add dot of hot glue. We then patted them in place.
When you get to the cetre of the fabric flower, fold the small half circles into cone shaped petals and glue down in a circular pattern. Glue a finishing button or jewel in the centre and stand back to take in your 15 minute flower pillow. ๐Ÿ™‚
It didnt take this pretty little number long to migrate to our daughters room.
She said, “Flowers belong under trees…” and I have to agree with her three year old way of thinking.
It suits her space and she is pleased that she helped make something pink (“PINK!!”) and that she appreciates it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
This rose pillow would make a perfect last minute hand made Valentine gift!
Do you know anyone who is still sticking to their new years resolutions to consume less sweets and is also allergic to flowers? If so, you could whip this little pretty together in less than 20 minutes while spending less than five dollars. Make sure you give this to them with an added hug and a pat on the back, (and maybe a gold star) because eating no sweets means you need a little extra sweetness in your life. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Easy and inexpensive are two qualities we appreciate around This Little Estate. ๐Ÿ™‚
Especially if they are hand made and given as gifts of love.

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