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I was seven years old when my Dad presented his four daughters with a hand made doll house. It was clad in the same carpet we had in our own living room and it was prettied up with scraps of wallpaper and lace curtains. It was my dream!

I ended up convincing my sisters the doll house wasn’t as fun as playing outside and then I eventually claimed it as my own. It was in those early days, hunkered down in front of that doll house when I really grew my creativity. We didn’t have the funds to buy all the fancy Barbie furniture I had my eye on, so I learned to improvise. I used my parents collection of church hymn books for beds and spiral stair cases. I used our fancy guest wash cloths with the ruffles for master bedroom bedding and often constructed tables and couches out of items destined for the recycling bin. I looked at everything as if it was hiding potential and eventually it became habit.

I’m so grateful for my Father’s initiative to try his hand at making his girls a toy that was adored and I’m even grateful for my humble beginnings that ended up growing the Maker within me.

This year I’ve found myself playing with dolls again and seeing possibility in throw away plastic.

I can’t wait to share with you how we have renovated my own seven year old girls doll house and how we used items we already had on hand to give it heaps of personality! EEEK! It is seriously the most fun I’ve had with a project to date!

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What do you guys think? Would you renovate a doll house? Did you have fond memories of playing with one too?

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