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Feel Better Fast!

I hope this finds you well!
Sorry for the lack of regular posts… around our place the little occupants and big occupants of This Little Estate, have been so so sick. 
I have been hearing from everyone around us, that they too have been under the weather. I wouldn’t wish three days of fever and chills on anyone, so we are sending lots of well wishes and sick free days your way!
While we have been under the weather, I whipped up a soup that had our bodies warming up in no time. I thought I would quickly share it with you since it is fool proof and delicious and will have you and your loved ones fighting away the cold viruses that are rampant this time of year.
This would be a great soup to bring to a sick friend or family member. I know I need to pay more attention to those around me, when they are in need, and to help out as I can when I can. Delivering a big Mason jar full of the this soup would be perfect for someone that isnt feeling the best. I know I readily accept food brought to my door step on any day of the week. It is even more happily consumed when I don’t have the strength to make it for myself.

 This time though, I mustered the energy to make this up for the kids and I. 
It is that easy. You can do it in a house coat and slippers with a fever and then go sit down with a cup of hot tea.

  • I filled a medium soup pot with water and two frozen chicken breasts, shook on some “Vegeeta Soup seasoning” ( it comes in a blue package but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of my steps cause I was just trying to get the soup made fast and in our bellies fast before having to hand out another round of medicine.)
  • We turned the stove top on high and let the chicken and water and spices boil together.
  • Then I quickly chopped up a few small heads of bock choy, a hand full of baby carrots and a medium sized red onion.
  • When the stock had been cooking at a rapid boil for 10 minutes, I pulled out the chicken and barely had to cut it on the chopping board, it will be tender and juicy and will come apart with a fork.
  • Once torn up a bit, I put it back into the pot with all of the nutritious vegetables.
  • Six minutes later the veggies were softened and the soup will look and taste divine.
It was simple and easy and full of great nutrition for our sick bodies. It totally did the trick on a cold day when we needed something yummy to heat us up –and fast!
My husband even thought his grandma had stopped by to drop the soup off, that is how old-school-natural-delicious it was. 🙂
I hope this finds you and your families well, but if you do find your self starting to feel a little under the weather, I hope you will try this “Sincerely, Feel Better Fast Soup”. 
And I hope it will do EXACTLY that for you: make you FEEL BETTER FAST!!

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  • Anonymous
    November 17, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Goodness, we have been sick over this part of the world too. Hence the lack of comments.( catching up now ). Along with your vegetarian lasagne I will give this a go this week. I almost have all of this weeks dinners worked out thanks to you Bethany . Jojo:)