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Family Favourite Frittata {A vegetarian recipe good enough for any meal of the day!}

I’m not sure when I began country dreaming, but it began so long ago that I feel like that has always been my destiny.

So it was no surprise when we welcomed a gaggle of chickens to our home last year. Because of our immediate love for our new feathered pets our life was forever changed. Now I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but literally the way we live and what we eat immediately changed when we welcomed them into our nest. I blame it on the fact that we hand raised our baby chicks indoors for six months, and the fact that they do in fact have human names. Michelle, Little Rae, Hazel and Linda have all adjusted quite well to backyard living, on the other hand we have made pretty big adjustments to accommodate them into our daily living. You see, we must in fact be a new hybrid of urban farmers because we deffinelty cannot be of the historic farmer variety, because the moment we held our fluffy baby chicks, the whole family unanimously decided to change our eating habits.

I’m not sure how it all played out, I mean, I was too busy sniffing in the soft feathery goodness of a handful of baby chicks to really notice, but gradually our whole family decided to pursue plant based living.

 It sorta gradually happened overnight but the result is that we live and devour a bit more consciously now. Chicken meat additional to red meat has vanished from our weekly menu. Our beloved chicken’s eggs have shown up in their place.

We have developed a new love for incorporating our free range eggs into our diet and we have found delicious and delectable ways to do so. Our Family favourite frittata is no exception!

     We created this delicious meal by incorporating garden fresh items into a one pan dish. Here is how you can do the same:

In a large skillet sauté 1 medium sized chopped white onion in EVOO with one tsp of Keg spice

Add one minced red pepper

Add one finely chopped zuccinni

Add 4 medium sized baked potato chopped

In a separate bowl, whisk together 8 medium sized eggs with 1/2 cup of almond milk and salt and pepper to taste

Pour egg mixture evenly over pan

Cook on high heat for three minutes

Set temperature to low and cover until almost set

For remaining five minutes of cooking time add a handful of arugula, a drizzling of basil based pesto mixed with equal parts almond milk and half a cup of crumbled feta!

Garnish with tomatoes and enjoy!

This meal is quick and filling and is easily enjoyed first thing in the morning or for a fast and satisfying dinner. Best part? The chickens gladly all the ends and scraps from the veggies we add to this one so we all get fed! 😉

Are you guys egg lovers too? Let us know your favourite way to enjoy eggs in the comments below! With a gaggle of happy chickens we can never have enough egg based ideas in our recipe box!

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